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I started the strongman hugging trend. Strongmen typically don’t hug, so it’s been a battle to break that ice. I’m highly trained, and am likely the best hugger in the sport.

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I’ve always had the intention of being competitive, and trained as so.

How dare you bring Mateusz into this.

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  1. He gives awkward hugs, but is still a very good friend.
  2. Beating him.
  3. Scarecrows with depressed and retracted shoulders.

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You can always become the World’s Strongest Man as a middle-weight. However, I believe with intention, it’s possible even as a heavweight. Rob Kearney is 5’10, and only getting stronger.

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1) Oh boy... Ouch.. my body. Worth it. 2) I very much enjoy writing my own programming. 1-2 events focused on first in a training day, followed by accessories. 3) Get a coach that’s masterful in biomechanics and hone your technique before focusing on strength. 4) Lindsey decided to move on and do her own thing.