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New_Childhood4 karma

Martins!! Your hilarious personality has gotten my wife to enjoy strongman and watch it with me so thanks!

My question is about competing and setting yourself up for a long career.

  1. Would you recommend someone compete early and often to learn how to compete or compete seldomly and spend more time building in the gym?

  2. Same with events, is there a certain level of strength you should reach on barbell lifts before worrying about events or should someone start practicing yoke, stones, etc. as soon as they have access to them?

  3. Finally, any advice/things to keep in mind when coming back from injury? I’ve got 2 weeks until I get my cast off for some wicked wrist tendinitis and cartilage damage. Don’t want to just run myself into the ground because I’m excited to be back.

You’re awesome dude. My favorite strongman behind Matuesz (jk jk).