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Rammstein12242 karma

Hey Martins, congrats on the win, it gives the "little" guys like me hope that strongman isn't just for the pituitary giants.

Since i have been watching your channel about a year ago i have started incorporating strongman into my regimen. Now that i am getting up into the real heavy weights i am starting to have slight pain in my shoulders, elbows, and knees that i really want to prevent getting worse.

It seems as though you are able to avoid a lot of the real bad injuries a lot of strongmen deal with and I'm sure its partly due to great form while lifting but what other things do you do to help combat/prevent major injuries? Stretches(before, during, or after), hot/cold treatment, support wear?

PS: The girlfriend and I visit Cali every once and awhile so next time we visit were gonna stop by the Training Hall, hope to see you and a 1st place Arnold's and second 1st place WSM trophy.

Rammstein12241 karma

I really like the flavor of most fruits and vegetables but i can't stand the texture to the point i gag. I've tried various "exposure therapy" but the best i cant get is quickly chewing 4 or 5 times then force swallowing with a bunch of water. I feel like i am on Fear Factor or something. It really makes eating healthy really unpleasant and i am trying to do better but this is killing me. Is there any way to overcome this texture aversion?