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Duude! He IS from Latvia!!!

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Martins!!! Big fan, like everybody here. Good luck with the nerve damage recovery. Sucks to hear about Lindsey, hope you are good there. Questions: 1. I remember you used to represent Latvia early on, when and what made you transition to representing the USA? 2. How do you feel winning WSM before Mateusz? 3. Besides sleep what are some affordable ideas on recovery for a beginner Strongman? I’m pretty sure I’m not doing it right.

Thank you for taking us along your journey and keep up the great work.

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Why did you start earlier? Haha Do you think WSM is going to update its format anytime soon? (Live coverage, not cutting half of the events from the TV show, get rid of last man standing) or are those things you don’t see them really caring to change? What are those brown shoes you wear for training? They look cool. Congrats on all your achievements King Dragon!