Howdy! So, I've been with cerebral palsy all my life, and as expected I had to overcome many challenges related to my handicap to get to where I am today. As I've seen people curious about this, and handicap in general, so I figured ; why not?

Here's some info beforehand ;
My handicap affects for the most part my legs, wich means I have trouble with walking, standing and balance while standing up. It also affects my hands for everything that requires more finesse, like writing, drawing or playing instruments for example.
I went trough many medical procedures growing up, and go for physiotherapy twice a week.
I drive a modified car that doen't require the use of my legs and I currently live on my own in an appartment, in France.

Feel free to ask me any question! I'll be glad to answer them, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.
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piscespixie329 karma

Hey! I also have cerebral palsy. Just stopping by to say hi. I have a mild case; most people assume I’m limping. I try to brush it off, because I’m shy and don’t want to explain my whole life story. Do you have to deal with that, too?

Hunterwclf281 karma

Hey piscespixie,
Hope you're doing well even with that!
At first I was like that too, but after many questions and weird looks I just tackle it straight on, the answer has always been positive. People are curious by nature and I also want to raise awareness about it so it's not weird anymore, if that makes sense.

piscespixie53 karma

Hey, thanks! I am getting along just fine. I think my issue with sharing is that I’d rather end the interaction than come off as attention-seeking or oversharing. I’m sure that’s not how it would really seem, but I have a fear that I would be treated differently if it was discovered that I’m not “normal”. I like to overthink things!

Hunterwclf67 karma

A person after my own heart, ahah.
Yeah I used to be like that. I'm currently 25 and I think I became more open with it at around age 18

oursgoto1129 karma

Hey, my 6 year old has mild CP. For her the main thing it has affected is her walking, in that she turns her affected leg inwards. Can still run, dance, etc. and she wears a brace to help correct this, with minimal residual affect when not wearing it. I have two questions for you if I could:

  1. Did you ever have / would you ever consider surgery if there was a chance of improving your condition? Why or why not?

  2. What kind of sleeper were you as a kid and how has that changed over your life? Apparently many kids with with CP and other similar "disorders" are shit sleepers, anxious, waking often, etc. This is my girl. Was that your experience?

Hunterwclf42 karma

Hi oursgoto11!
All the best for you and your daughter!
1. Yes, I've been through multiple surgeries, but ONLY when it was absolutely necessary (when I wasn't able to stand in one spot without constantly recorrecting my balance), it saved me a couple surgeries. In my case it was to compensate growth, so it only was needed when I was growing up.
2. This one hit so close to home I could hear it outside the window. I'm a shit sleeper, it is a litteral chore for me. I spend about 2 hours each night trying to fall asleep before I finally do, and I'm really anxious yes. But I have to say, my habits for playing videogames late is definitely not helping.

Iridebike181 karma

Can you walk? Do you use crutches or a wheelchair? I understand every case of Cerebral Palsy are different some are more mild than others.

I just read a book called "One More Step" by Bonner Paddock. It's about Bonner. He has Cerebral Palsy. He can walk. He became the first person with Cerebral Palsy to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro under his own power. Then a few years after that he became the first person with Cerebral Palsy to race and finish the Ironman in Kona Hawaii. It was very inspiring.

Hunterwclf300 karma

Hi Iridebike!
Yes I do walk alot, but only for short distances at a time. When I need to go out for a long time I either use a classic wheelchair or an electric scooter.
Also yes! Cerebral Palsy is extremely different from one person to another, and can affect different parts of the body.

While I personally won't climb a mountain, I did work in a summer camp for a full month (without any aid/adjustments made) and even if it was a true challenge for me I'm glad I did, it was a wonderful experience

wutevahung161 karma

What do you do for work? And how do you think, as a society, we can improve on with our attitude toward people with disabilities?

Hunterwclf187 karma

Hello wutevahung!
I used to work, I tried different jobs, some were suitable, some less so. From activity organiser in a summer camp to regular desk job, I haven't been able to find something that suits me well. Also I'm currently considering updating my status to "Unable to work" administravily.

As for society, I think people are actually getting alot better in terms of acceptance, sensitivity regarding disabilities and all that.
However, administrations (at least in France) makes it really hard to get what's rightfully ours (funds, help and all that) and I think there's loads that can be improved on here.

AM0BA38 karma

I'm sorry if I'm being too blunt, but it's a sincere question. What exactly makes you "unable to work"? Since a lot of jobs are deskjobs anyway, people don't even need to use their legs for work. There's probably something I'm missing here.

Hunterwclf110 karma

Hey AM0BA,
No problem, this is a legitimate question.
I tire really fast and I have longer recovery times, and after 1 year at a desk job part time I had to stop because of exhaustion (I also had a really mediocre salary as a result). I have tried different schools and jobs with the same result before, and this one was the final strike.

Clienterror55 karma

I'm sorry to hear that bro. I'm sure part of it isn't even the money, everyone wants to be useful in some way so I'm sure it's definitely frustrating.

I've been a type 1 diabetic since I was 9 and now I'm 35. I had my first heart attack last month. I'm not overweight, I manage my sugars better than your average diabetic, I don't eat a ton of shitty food, I work out, I don't smoke, do drugs, and rarely drink alcohol. But still had a heart attack. Sometimes you just have to play the hand your given which sucks but it's better than some and worse than some. I feel ya man.

Hunterwclf28 karma

Hey Clienterror,
Sorry to hear that aswell, I hope your condition will improve!
True that, and life would be boring without challenge!

KPS_Lukis31 karma

It goddamn blows my mind when people being dealt a hand like this has this much of a positive outlook on life regardless. I think the rest of us take the most basic things for granted every day.

You're a damn legend, man.

Hunterwclf5 karma

Hi KPS_Lukis, We all have our own challenges, I was lucky enough to be be born in a wealthy enough family, I can't imagine what it would be like to struggle daily for money and food. But thanks, I really appreciate it!

AliceDeeTwentyFive18 karma

I feel like this is why I pay taxes. Somebody who deserves to enjoy the life I do but is held up by something they didn’t choose... should be offered the opportunity to do so. And I’m willing to give up a piece of my pie so they can do so. Hey: let’s all be awesome.

Hunterwclf3 karma

Hey AliceeDeeTwentyFive,
I'm glad that there's people like you, I know so many that think the other way around.
Thank you.

throwaway_teach22 karma

You have awesome writing skills, you should be an author :D

Hunterwclf13 karma

Hey thanks, I appreciate it!

Remble123131 karma

Is masturbation difficult for you?

Hunterwclf215 karma

Hi Remble123! No, (phew!) my disability doesn't affect this "kind" of movement and/or my sensitivity at all, at least for this specific purpose!

Romeo-Miranda63 karma

I love you honesty.

Hunterwclf53 karma

Aww. <3

GalaxyTrashPanda78 karma

Hi Adrien! I saw in past comments you're an avid gamer. What's your favorite system to play on, and what games do you enjoy the most?

Hunterwclf99 karma

Hey there GalaxyTrashPanda!
My favorite system is PC, even if I currently also own a PS4 and a Switch!
I play a TON of different games, but I do have a soft spot for Survival Horror, namely STALKER (first game played in this genre) and really anything mixing RPG/FPS with some exploration

GalaxyTrashPanda5 karma

Any horror survival recommendations? I'm on xbox I dont know if that will affect anything

Hunterwclf5 karma

I've never had a xbox so I have no idea, sorry!

CarlvGent2 karma

Did you enjoy the Metro games? And if so, are you looking forward to Exodus?

Hunterwclf6 karma

Hey CarlvGent,
I did! While they were a bit too linear the athmosphere was amazing, I'm looking forward to Exodus to see how they handle the open-world bits of it.

xThunderDuckx2 karma

Do you play stalker nodded? Like call of Chernobyl or anything?

Hunterwclf3 karma

Yes, used alot of different ones, Call of Chernobyl is my n°1 favorite though

Heritic_Panda1 karma

If you enjoy STALKER, I might recommend Escape from Tarkov.

Hunterwclf6 karma

Hey Heritic_Panda,
Already got it on day one! I'm just waiting for them to stop wiping inventories to go back at it again.

misterkairos60 karma

Have you ever been approached by an MLM lady to sell you essential oils which "help"?

Hunterwclf82 karma

Hey Misterkairos,
No ! Never, and I'm really thankful for that!

wailordlord58 karma

What was one thing that you expected to have trouble with that you were delighted to find was easy for you?

Hunterwclf220 karma

Hi wailordlord! Man, what a tough question this is... it's usually the other way around!
I think your question might refer to something tangible, but the only answer I have for this is more... psychological(?)
I would have to say accepting the stares from people.
I do walk in my own weird way because of this, and I used to be really self conscious about it, but when I actually sat down and tought about it I figured that it's normal that people stare at something that they are unfamilliar with.
All it took was a little bit of reflexion, and boom, it was gone.

cunticles47 karma

This may be a silly question but can you have a sex life? Does CP affect downstairs. Tell me to fuck off if that's too personal.

Hunterwclf70 karma

Hey cunticles, nice nickname!
Mine doesn't affect this area, at least not directly. It's a little hard for me to 'thrust' correctly, but all it takes is a little bit of creativity in the bedroom and the problem is gone !

But again CP is different from person to person.

cunticles20 karma

Thanks for the answer. By the way, what country are you in? France?

Hunterwclf24 karma


cunticles26 karma

Oui! You type excellent English 👍

Hunterwclf22 karma

Why thank you kindly!

UnionOrDeath43 karma

What kind of hobbies do you have?

Hunterwclf97 karma

Hello UnionOrDeath, as a more or less direct consequence to my handicap, I got into video games and computers in general at a very young age! I've always been a gamer for as long as I can remember. I'm a big fan of music, hard rock/metal and electronic for the most part. I also want to learn to sing properly in the future.

More recently though I got into phylosophy aswell and do enjoy those kind of discussions around a nice drink, ahahah.

hughperman14 karma

Do you have any favourite metal or rock bands?

Hunterwclf30 karma

No particular favourite bands, but I do listen to (in no particular order)
Cage the Elephant, Paramore, The Pretty Reckless, Evanescence, Skillet, Three Days Grace, System of a Down, Slipknot and Rammstein for example

iieeef40 karma

Do you have a girlfriend? Boyfriend?

Hunterwclf65 karma

Hi iieeef!
I don't have a girlfriend currently! My last relationship was a couple years ago

cunticles53 karma

I hope you find someone special soon ☺️

Hunterwclf36 karma

Thanks, I appreciate it :)

takeflight6134 karma

How do you go about your nourishment needs? Do you have groceries delivered or do you go out and get them? What are your meals like, and do you prep them yourself?

Hunterwclf68 karma

Hey takeflight61,
It's a bit tedious but I manage, I do about half of the shopping myself and my family does the other half.
I prep most of my food myself, but my meals are pretty simple, veggies without alot of prep required, pasta for example. From time to time my family brings me food aswell.

Romenust32 karma

Hi mate. I am currently teaching kendo (Japanese fencing) to a teenager (16?) With cerebral palsy. It's affecting his legs, while his upper body is mostly fine. From what I understand, there's no mental issues at all, and he talks the typical smart ass teenager (which is great, we get along well).

I'm guessing every person is different - but how do you handle frustration? I can tell he tries to concentrate on making his legs move, but his body just isn't doing what he wants. So we're trying to "modify" the proper footwork to adapt and see how far we can get to. But whereas with most students I can push them to do better ("that wasn't good! Try again!"), I'm not sure how I should approach someone with an actual physical disability (as I don't want to blame him if it's not like he can help it).

Can you offer any advice on how one might help him (or you) in learning something new that requires complex body mechanic / movements? (His parents gave me the contact details to his physiotherapist, who I have contacted, but they haven't responded yet.)

This guy is always happy and smiling though, I think he's reached a point where he (and his parents!) have accepted his condition and realise there's so much to do, learn, and enjoy in life regardless. I hope you and your family are there too.

Hunterwclf23 karma

Hey Romenust,
Well it's really tough and depends on him and his 'version' of CP.
You might not like my answer but... the best advice I could give is to 'know your battles' and 'know how to let go'
I personally had to give up Airsoft after I invested alot of time and money in it, while it makes me a bit sad I'm also a lot more 'at peace' with myself. I fought, fought hard, but it was a losing battle from the very beginning.
If both of you can make it work and adapt it for him, great, keep it up, but keep an eye out if he's struggling.
Because he might want to continue, but he can't go against his body, that's how it is.
You sadly can't fix something like that, you just learn to work around it.

noobto23 karma

Salut, mon pote!

Pourquoi le francais est-il trop complique d'apprendre? Je lutte trop en ecoutant et en parlant. Est-ce que tu es assez forte en parlant/ecoutant a l'anglais que tu peux l'ecrire? Comment est-ce que tu l'as bien fait?

Hunterwclf35 karma

Salut noobto!
First of all congratulations for learning french, it is a tough one!
I personally learned about 90% of my english trough doing stuff I loved ; Gaming, watching movies... but in english!
as long as you have a basis of the language you'll learn and correct yourself over time. Start with subtitles on, and over time you will start to need them less and less

SingapurNudel19 karma

Hello m8,

Do you ever got bullied?

Hunterwclf71 karma

Hello SingapurNudel,
Ahahah, who didn't? I did but it wasn't too bad. The only time when it was, the bully received a mean punch that he wasn't expecting, stopped right after that.

Pink_Monkey18 karma

Bonjour, mon ami!

What is the single most difficult thing for you; something that everyone else takes for granted?

Hunterwclf39 karma

Bonsoir Pink_Monkey!
I would have to say cooking, especially since I started living on my own.
It tires me really fast to stand for a somewhat long period of time and cooking is extremely unpractical seated.

Gasky_Cuspo15 karma

Can cerebral palsy be temporary as well? Or is it something that always cause permanent affect?

Hunterwclf28 karma

Hi there Gasky_Cuspo,
To my knowledge, (but I might be mistaken) cerebral palsy is permanent, however it affects the person in different ways.
In my case it's a lack of oxygen at birth that led to necrosis in a small part of my brain, damaging my motor fonctions. Surgery and physiotherapy helps, but the damage is already done.

Ox_Baker8 karma

I have a neighbor who has had some milk brain damage due to a stroke.

He has told me that in his case the damage is done, can’t be repaired, but through therapy, to use a probably oversimplified term, the brain can build ‘workarounds’ — different ways to get to approximately the same result. Kind of like a tree falling across a road so you just route a new road around the tree is how he put it.

Is that in any way kind of how it works with your condition?

Hunterwclf6 karma

Hi Ox_Baker, Yes, the brain has a mechanic like this, it's kind of the reason why blind people have their other senses greatly improved. In my case I developped a workaround so I could walk. But as a result it's a really tiring way to walk.

quack_salsa15 karma

hi mrs how do you think people should treat people with cerberal palsy? i dont want to make people feel singeled out but dont want to make their life hard

Hunterwclf30 karma

Hey quack_salsa!
It's pretty hard to speak for everyone, but to my understanding it's better to be honest but polite.
If you want to ask questions, go ahead as long as you're respectful.

I'll take someone really curious over someone staring but not saying a thing.

Don't think too much about it, be natural and polite and everything will be alright. Same with everyone really, disabled or not.

100Dachshunds14 karma

My fiance has cerebral palsy as well, and his case sounds pretty similar to yours! (difficulty walking without crutches or an arm to lean on, usually gets about in a chair, some difficulty with fine control in his hands) He grew up in Poland and one of the strangest things his folks tried on him was catholic faith healing. I'm not ENTIRELY sure what that entailed (hes asleep, otherwise I'd ask him) but I do know there was a lot of praying, laying on of hands, essential oils, etc. So my question is... whats the WIERDEST thing someone tried on you to 'fix' you?

Hunterwclf13 karma

Hi 100Dachshunds!
He seems like he has a really similar profile indeed! Fairly rare for CP!
I'm not at all a religious person and consider myself pretty 'down to earth' when it comes to this kind of stuff. I've received many suggestions, from acupuncture to healers, but never followed up in any of them.

Sashx013 karma


I also have mild/moderate cerebral palsy.

Im glad to say i can walk with little to no limp, and after growing up with twice a week physical and speech therapy, ive developed well. I had botox injections into my leg muscles as a kid, and im currently looking to get back onto them.

I wore leg braces 24/7 to stretch my leg muscle, and began to ween off of that at age 10, with only needing them at night.

I know how insanely different C.P is per individual, so my question is;

Does your case affect your daily life? Are you on any medications?

Hunterwclf9 karma

Hey there Sashx0,
Hope you're doing well nonetheless!
My only medication is regular botox aswell, once every 4 months.
Other than that, it's just regular physiotherapy by an osteopath for my both my legs and my back.

Asapfur12 karma

I have cerebral palsy as well and like you it is focused in my legs, although milder than yours it still creates considerable discomfort. Are there any stretches you found to be particularly helpful?

Hunterwclf17 karma

Hi Asapfur,
Sorry to hear that, I hope you manage just fine regardless!
In my case I require someone else to stretch my legs for me, so I don't do much on my own about it.

filt10 karma

How is dating?

Hunterwclf32 karma

Hey filt.
Ooooh boy... Yep.
It's not that great, but to be fair I don't go outside a whole lot.
I've had good relationships in the past, but really bad ones aswell, I've been dumped because of my disability too.

mbell4910 karma

Hi!! Do you have any experiences with occupational therapy? OT here and I'm always interested to get the perspectives of people who receive OT services!

Hunterwclf12 karma

Hello mbell49!
Yes, I used to when I was a kid, it was mostly to 'evaluate the damage done' and 'make sure it doesn't get worse'.
When they were assured that I was ok and that my situation was stable, it was judged unnecessary.

cunticles8 karma

I'm embarrassed to ask as I feel I should know but you said to ask.

Are people with cerebral palsy mentally challenged or intellectually challenged or is it just physical or a combination of both?

Hunterwclf14 karma

Hello again cunticles,
Seems like davcose has answered your question already, but in my case it's only my motor functions that were damaged.

IAmABouncer8 karma

Do you get someone else to shave for you, or do you throw caution into the wind?

Hunterwclf11 karma

Hi IAmABouncer,
Thankfully, I can do daily tasks like this by myself without risking to injure myself.

dilligasatall8 karma

You sound a lot like my daughter (25) who also has CP. Like you, she has trouble walking but otherwise she's a smart healthy kid. She's worried about driving though because she doesn't feel her reaction times are quick enough to be safe on the road. Do you have any tips or suggestions that may help her to calm her fears?

Also, congrats! I know things can be tough sometimes not being able to do things as easily as others and it can require a lot more effort to make it work. People like you and my daughter prove that just because you can't do one thing as well doesn't mean you can't do other things even better than the rest of us.

Hunterwclf11 karma

Hello dilligasatall!
For you too it must be hard to be a parent of a disabled person, I wish you and your daughter all the best!
You might need to find a driving school that has already adapted cars for her to use, if it's needed.
Instructors there are qualified to help her find the correct car to match her needs.
The hardest part is to start! But once she does she will find that driving is really liberating, especially with a handicap!

elitistmonk8 karma

Salut, Adrien! Thanks for being so active in answering questions, as it really helps us understand the handicap.

My question is: what is your daily schedule like? What things/events do you have to make time for in your schedule (apart from your physiotherapy) due to your handicap.

Also, as a fellow gamer, I would love to know what your favorite RPG is?

Hunterwclf5 karma

Bonsoir, elitistmonk!
Physiotherapy is the main thing here, otherwise I have the occasionnal visit to the hospital for my treatment. The rest is same as everyone else. Though if I have to use my car to go somewhere I usually scout ahead/get some info so I know where to park beforehand so I don't have to walk for too long to reach my destination.

My favorite RPG has to be STALKER, I like games where you're the protagonist and make up your own story, the open world nature and great athmosphere really works well here.
If you were looking for a more linear RPG, I'd say The Last of Us though.

onomahu7 karma

What advantages does living with CP have?

Hunterwclf11 karma

Hi onomahu,
The only thing would be the money I guess.
While I get enough to live with without a job, I would give it up for alot of other things, if I could.

Sony22sony227 karma

Hey, does pineapple go on pizza?

Hunterwclf25 karma

Hi Sony22sony22!
If you think it does, sure! Don't let me tell you what to do!
(You won't make me eat it though.)

kobbykush6 karma

Do you know of any famous people with cerebral palsy? (Not just celebs but famous for any reason) if not, does it frustrate you/ feel misrepresented? Hope I framed this right, and what a great ama man thank you!

Hunterwclf19 karma

Hello kobbykush!
Thanks alot,friend, I'm glad you like it!

I don't know anyone famous with this handicap, no. But I feel like it's something really hard to represent because it changes alot from person to person; for example I only know people who have a harder time than me (need for wheelchairs and people to help them for daily tasks)
While I'm really thankful it isn't worse for me, it also puts me in a spot where I considered myself inbetween "valid" and "invalid" for years.
On another note I don't think we need celebrities to represent us, we have to stand out for ourselves and show that despite difficulty, we are capable of that!

shaker1545 karma

My best friend has Cerebral Palsy and walks with crutches. Dude is jacked though and posts workout vids. CP also impacts his hand dexterity. Does CP impact anything beyond your ability to walk?

Hunterwclf7 karma

Hi shaker154,
Best of luck to your friend!
Yes, disabilities in general help develop some other things, as if your body is compensating.
In my case I think I'm pretty fit for someone that sits around all day, ahahah.
My CP impacts my hand dexterity lightly and my legs heavily.
As a side effect of that, I have back problems, I get tired really fast while standing and lose balance easily.

yesssi5 karma

Bonjour u/Hunterwclf! Thank you for doing this.

(I don't know if this a fair question or not. Please correct me if I am asking something stupid.)

What caused your CP?

Hunterwclf12 karma

Hey yesssi!
There's no stupid questions!
In my case I was born too early (6 months) wich caused me to lack oxygen on birth, wich then caused the damage.

noboundarymike4 karma

Hello, Adrien! Glad to see you are well. Forgive me, I’m not exactly sure how to word my question, so hopefully you get what I’m trying to get at.

What does it feel like? Obviously I understand your frame of reference will be completely different from mine, since you’ve been handling this your whole life.

Is there ever any sort of pain involved, or sensations you experience when you are going about your day?

Stay well!

Hunterwclf12 karma

Hi there noboundarymike!
Don't worry about it!

It's hard to describe really, but I feel tired really fast, like imagine having to run around full speed instead of having to walk from place to place. Also when I tense up I move my legs and feet without controlling them.
I'm really sensitive to jumpscares since my legs are tensed up all the time.
Also telling me to straighten my legs by myself would be like asking you to bend them in the opposite direction, if you know what I mean.
Most of the time I don't feel any pain, except when I need to stretch of course.
Hope that answered your question.

nonasiandoctor4 karma

If there was one daily task you do that you could skip forever what would it be? :)

Hunterwclf4 karma

Hi nonasiandoctor!
Probably cooking! While I do love good food it's too tedious for me to cook a good meal.

DataRapist4 karma

Were you awarded compensation for your birth injury?

Hunterwclf7 karma

Hey there DataRapist,
Not for the birth injury itself no, but I do get some money as any disabled person would in my country.

greenyhead4 karma

Do you think people you have meet treat you differently and you would know different people if you didn’t have cerebral palsy?

Hunterwclf8 karma

Hey greenyhead,
It's probably the case yeah, but my disability is also really part of who I am, for better or worse.

I wouldn't have got into PC if I was able to run around and do sports like my classmates did when I was a kid for example. I would be a completely different person.

TomBergewrong4 karma

Do you really like breakfast? That’s the only thing I know about cerebral palsy from TV

Hunterwclf7 karma

Hi TomBergewrong,
While I don't know the reference, I do like breakfast!

S'good for you.

Maelshevek4 karma

My wife has CP and uses a wheelchair, (and this is the question that I think a lot of people are afraid to ask but want to know about) so how does sexy time work for your relationships?

Hunterwclf9 karma

Hey Maelshevek!
Keywords here : Improvise, adapt, overcome !
I personally only have difficulty with 'thrusting', my sensibility is normal.
If something doesn't work, try something else and then it's not a problem anymore.

Stanwich793 karma

I'm late to the party. My son has cerebral palsy and has benefited from surgery . Which ones have you've had? Any dorsal ?

Edit : has , he had dorsal Rhizotomy and calve muscles lenghtened

Hunterwclf3 karma

Hey Stanwich79,
All the best for both you and your son,
I've had my calves muscles lenghtened 4 times, and 2 times for a muscle behind the knee (wich I forgot the name of)
No other surgery is planned.
However I do have regular injections -botulinum toxin- (every 4 months)

LooseSeal883 karma

My sister has Cerebral Palsy. It's weird because I never thought of it as a disability. Maybe it's because she and my parents never called it that. I recall her having physical therapy at a really young age, but she is pretty much able to do what she wants, though there are some challenges she faces - some due to Cerebral Palsy and some not. I think she mostly lacks upper body strength. She is pretty short too, but idk if that is a factor or not.

Anyways, I guess I don't really have a question for you other than to ask if you think that Cerebral Palsy should be 100% considered a disability or if it's something that somebody can just kind of shrug off as not really impacting their life?

Hunterwclf6 karma

Hey LooseSeal88,
Disability isn't 1 or 0, it's a percentage. Some people are 20% disabled, some less, some more. In my case I'm in the 80%+ category.
While it might be different between countries it doesn't give you the same rights here.

Also CP is different from people to people. To some it's nearly nothing, while it's life changing for others.
If she has CP, she has some rights, might not be much, but it's still there.

Grrrrimulf3 karma

What was one thing you expected to be easy for you (with your handicap), but then turned out to he actually really hard?

Hunterwclf4 karma

Hey Grrrrimulf,
It was work for me, even a desk job. I was getting super tired despite good hours, and since my paycheck was really low I was better off without a job. It took me a long time to figure that out, I really wanted to be useful to society and push myself, but it just wasn't cut out for me.

throwmygaysexlife3 karma

As a fellow person with cerebral palsy, but I can walk on my own with out aid, how often do you go through a pair of shoes?

Hunterwclf9 karma

Hi throwmygaysexlife!

Hope you manage just fine, regardless of that!
I can already tell you know what you're talking about with this question.
I used to ruin them super fast as a kid, now I know to search for shoes with reinforced tips and if possible not too expensive!

fd3653 karma

I work in a special needs home. Dobyou need help showering or wiping? If yes, how long did it take for you to become comfortable with it?

Hunterwclf5 karma

Hello fd365,
Thank you for doing this job, it might not be always easy.
I personally don't.

IICE_v33 karma

I’m curious if you feel any pain on a day to day basis. I’m aware some cases can be more severe then others. Everyone I’ve met with cerebral palsy have been so genuine and there outlook on life is absolutely amazing, I envy them and there ability to find happiness, but when I see them walk I can’t help but think there must be some sort of pain involved?

Hunterwclf5 karma

Hello IICE_v3!
I guess being unable to move too much gives us alot of time to think!
As for me, I (most of the time) don't experience daily pain.
It only occurs during stretching, after intense effort (like it would for anyone else) or trough indirect consequences. ex : Back pains because of the way I walk.

Reaver8583 karma

What's the biggest thing that irritates you / get irritated with others about?

Hunterwclf8 karma

Hi Reaver858,
Due to my way of living, I have a 'social battery', I get tired in social situations and 'recharge' when I'm by myself.
At first my family had a hard time understanding it, but it got better over time.
To be honest I think there's already a ton of people in this case.

taylorherron13 karma

Do you want children? If so, do you fear your child will have your conditoon? I hope this doesnt come off rude

Hunterwclf7 karma

Hi taylorherron1!
Your question isn't rude no worries,
I do ! in my case there's no risk of transmission... HOWEVER
If I was a female AND it was confirmed that medecine caused this, yes, it would be indirect but possible.

Einhander_mk23 karma

Hey Adrien, I was just curious if this kind of condition is generally the same throughout life? Does it get worse? Better? Or do you maybe have your own take on how you’ve adapted/coped with cerebral palsy?

Hunterwclf8 karma

Hi Einhander_mk2
This specific disability does not get better but doesn't 'directly' get worse, however it does have some side effects, wich in my case changed over time.
Because of the way I walk it did create some new issues with my back for example.
To quote someone famous, I just learn to improvise, adapt and overcome !

Reaver8583 karma

Do you go to any support groups or feel the need to?

Hunterwclf10 karma

Hello Reaver858,
No, and I don't feel the need to, at all. I prefer to fight my own battles, if that makes sense.

superhero4553 karma

How’s your relationship with your parents? Are they an active part of your life helping you with things that are harder for you than a person without CP?

Do you have a comfort pet? If not, are you likely to get one? (-:

Hunterwclf10 karma

Hello superhero455,
It's kind of a mixed bag. My mom is super supportive and always wants to help me even for really easy tasks, she always really cared for me... She might be feeling a bit guilty about it to be honest.
My Dad however... is in denial, it seems like he doesn't want me to be disabled and almost ignores it. When I was younger he treated me like a normal kid to the point where it pushed me to my limits.

I wouldn't call my cat a comfort pet, but yes, her name is Lilou, she's kind of a ass but I love her.

warmhandswarmheart3 karma

Is your cat named after the character in "The Fifth Element?"

Hunterwclf4 karma

Indeed, she is.

brodymulligan3 karma

What is the cruelest thing someone has said or done as far as how it made you feel, and what is the greatest and nicest thing someone has done? Are most people you interact with accommodating?

Hunterwclf11 karma

Hi there brodymylligan,
Cruelest thing done to me would either be dating me out of pity or ending a relationship because of my disability after we've been dating for a little bit.
Nicest would be when I got extreme back pain and was stuck in bed for weeks, my brother, who was really skeptical about my whole 'back problem' situation got out of this way and cooked me a feast so I didn't have to move out of bed.
People are usually really nice with me and always ask me how I'm doing and try to go out of their way to help me out, and I'm really thankful for that.

curiously_clueless3 karma

Do you find your spasticity gets worse when stressed?

I experience a positive feedback loop of stress, spasticity, more stress about being spastic in front of others, more spasticity, rinse and repeat. It makes certain things like job interviews (stand up at a whiteboard and solve coding problems in front of a panel of devs) especially hard.

Hunterwclf6 karma

Hello again curiously_clueless,
Absolutely. If possible, ask to do your presentation seated to limit the effect.

Cloud9_Dreams3 karma

Has the disability held you back in trying to find a partner at all.. even psychology? Asking as someone with the same disability

Hunterwclf4 karma

Hi Cloud9_Dreams,
Oh yes absolutely, I had alot of bad experiences in this domain. As of right now since I don't go out a whole lot it's hard to find someone. But I'd rather take my time and find someone great.

LyokoMan953 karma

Favorite TV Shows? Do you watch Speechless?

Hunterwclf5 karma

Hey LyokoMan95!
As I grew older, I drifted aways from TV shows/Series in general, my main interest being Video Games.
But one TV series that I loved back in the day was definitively Malcom in the Middle, as a younger brother myself it was easy to identify to the characters and it was great fun!

Saelem3 karma

My friend just found out his son had cerebral palsy. Any advice you could pass on for them?

Hunterwclf6 karma

Hi Saelem,
Best of luck to them!
They will have to be strong, supportive and accepting of the disability.. Also beware of greedy doctors/surgeons. While most of them mean well they will find some shady ones.

UnfilteredAmerica2 karma

In what ways have you been able to be creative with your disability? Do you have a modded scooter or custom crutches?

Hunterwclf4 karma

Hi UnfilteredAmerica,
Since I don't require equipment too specific, I've had to think of more pratical stuff like :
How to organise my appartment to be practical and prevent me from bumping into stuff.
How can I make carrying groceries easier, doing laundry.
How do I use my VR headset without standing up and all that stuff

Scotchdelta2 karma

Have you tried marijuana? Does it help your muscles relax?

Hunterwclf3 karma

Hello Scotchdelta,
I did consider it, never tried it. I suppose it does.
Worth noting that it's also illegal in France.

Scourgie16812 karma

Hi! My mother has cerebral palsy. She is 65 and for most of her life her CP presented similarly to yours, or so it seems. Not sure what the laws are in France, but have you tried medicinal marijuana for spacisity (tense and jerking muscles)? My mom has tried CBD oil and liked it a lot.

Hunterwclf3 karma

Hello Scourgie1681,
I did consider it, never tried it.
Also yes it's illegal in France.

rowan7712 karma

Is it/will it get worse? I understand it gets worse over time or have the medical procedures you have undergone halted it's progress?

Hunterwclf4 karma

Hi rowan771,
The condition itself is stabilised, but it might cause some more indirect damage long term.
For example my back issues could get alot worse.

Barneysxwife2 karma

I saw in another response that you are into video games. What's your favorite game any why? Your least favorite?

Hunterwclf5 karma

Hello Barneysxwife,
It's really hard to tell, I play hundreds of games...
But if I really had to pick one it would be STALKER : Call of Chernobyl. I like the dark athmosphere, the RPG/FPS mix and the open world nature.
Least favorite? Hmm...
I did play a ton of crappy games but the ones I still remember are : Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands since it was a huge let down for me and I wasn't able to get a refund, same deal with Fortnite : Save The World (PVE)

MadddManu2 karma

Have you watched Daniel Sloss's netflix special 'Dark'? How do you feel about people reacting with 'I'm so sorry' when you tell them you live with cerebral palsy?

Hunterwclf5 karma

Hi MadddManu,
No, I have no idea what it's about, would you recommend it?
I find it awkward. They have no control over it and it's really a part of me at this point, for better and for worse.

Donaldoed2 karma

Hello from Scotland Adrien! What is your favourite video game of all time?

Hunterwclf4 karma

Hey Donaldoed!
I play a TON of different games,so it's hard to say but if I had to choose a single one it's probably STALKER, it's a game that I played pretty early (and a bit too young, according to the rating) but it really defined my taste in videogames.

ThulsaDoomDK2 karma


Thanks for the AMA.

Which surgeries, if any, have you had so far?

Also have you heard about the SDR surgery in St. Louis Children's hospital in the US? It's not a plug for that hospital but I'm considering it for my daughter and wondered if it was something you've heard about. They do adults as well.

Hunterwclf5 karma

Hello ThulsaDoomDK,
You're welcome, I'm glad to help.
I've had my calves muscles lenghtened 4 times, and 2 times for a muscle behind the knee (wich I forgot the name of)
No other surgery is planned.
However I do have regular injections -botulinum toxin- (every 4 months)
Since I don't live in the US it would be really complicated for me to come over, especially since healthcare might be different.
While it might be different since we're in different countries, keep in mind that 'some' surgeons might be a bit too pro-surgery. My family always waited until it was absolutely necessary to do so and it saved me a couple extra surgeries.

davcose2 karma

My son just turned three and is living with "mild" CP, he has hemiplegia (one-sided weakness) on his left side which affects both his left hand and left foot, but his other side is fully able. This works out well in some ways, he has at least one "good" one of each limb, but also causes a lot of imbalances in posture and development that we work on.

I noticed you speak two languages. I'm wondering if you had a lot of difficulties learning to speak in the first place. Currently while my son has begun to catch up to his age in gross and fine motor skills, his communication is still quite a bit behind and something we work on constantly with SLP's.

Obviously every CP case is different, but I'm curious what difficulties you've had learning languages, and learning overall, and how have you overcome them?

Hunterwclf4 karma

Hey davcose,
All the best for you and your son, and good luck!
Since my CP didn't affect cognitive functions I had no issues with that. I did learn to walk very late though and even doctors weren't sure I would be able to ever walk at all.
As for advice while learning a language, I would say get some good basis first (school/studies) and then start watching movies/series, playing games with subtitles, then without, it will come naturally over time. That's how I did it.

losleyworth2 karma


Hunterwclf6 karma

Hi losleyworth!
It might seem a bit weird, but looking the person in the eyes and a simple smile goes a long way!

SoManyWaysToDie2 karma

What kind of roommate is he?

Hunterwclf8 karma

Hey SoManyWaysToDie,
Kind of a dick, really.
So tiring all the time, he doesn't even pay rent!

ghostmetalblack2 karma

What's your favorite videogame at the moment?

Hunterwclf4 karma

Hey ghostmetalblack.
I'm torn between Red Dead Redemption 2 and Fallout 76. I'm playing both at the moment.
While RDR2 is extremely high quality, I'm a Fallout fan and I've been wanting a multiplayer for it forever, even if it's flawed at the moment.

Reeburn2 karma

I haven't seen anyone ask this - How does this affect your ability to do sports/physical exercises? If you were to decide one day "I want to become a gym rat", in what areas would that be similar or different? Since you go for physiotherapy, I assume physical exercise is something that you are well accustomed to.

Hunterwclf4 karma

Hey Reeburn!
While I would have trouble with some leg exercises, I do have better than average upper body strengh.
However since I get tired faster, physiotherapy twice weekly is all I need I believe.

Trytosurvive1 karma

How do you keep mentally strong and do you ever resent that you have to fight each day or worry about your future more than the average person?

Hunterwclf3 karma

Hey Trytosurvive,I do try, but like everyone else, I have bad days, days were I just don't see the point. I think the most important thing is not to try to be happy during sad days, but just to keep living, surviving, until we remember why it's worth it.I believe that strong resolve is forged over time, and only hardships tests it, and improves it.

Stabiel1 karma

Top 5 artist from the current generation?

Hunterwclf2 karma

Hey Stabiel,
I'm not really interested in what the current generation of artists does. All I hear/see looks pretty bad from here ahahah.

Dislexeeya1 karma

What's your favorite color?

Hunterwclf2 karma

Hi there Dislexeeya,

Purple !

BxZd1 karma

Would you rather fight a duck-sized horse or a hundred horse-sized ducks?

Hunterwclf2 karma

Hi BxZd,
A singular duck-sized horse sounds alot easier to tackle!

born_a_fire1 karma

Have you ever tried cannabis as a treatment? I've seen Youtube videos where it works wonders.

Hunterwclf1 karma

Ahahah, sorry. Hey there born_a_fire!
I did consider it to maybe make it a little easier for me at times, but no, the damage is already done so it would have the same effect as anyone else I believe.

frucktal1 karma

i’m wondering if people instinctively use a baby voice with you irl, or condescending tones? if so does it bother you?

Hunterwclf3 karma

Hello frucktal,
It never happened to me, but I think it could be because the nature of my handicap makes it look like I have a simple leg injury more than anything else.

Mantisbog-2 karma

Do you live in France because having your hands kind of waving around with not as much control is a more natural thing to do when speaking French?

Hunterwclf4 karma

Hey Mantisbog,
I live in France because I was born here. And there's also alot of support here for my disability.

ScoopOfBreakfast-2 karma

How's the sex life?

Hunterwclf1 karma

Oh hi Mark.
Hi ScoopOfBreakfast,
While I don't have a partner at the moment, I had no issues with previous ones.
When you hit a limit, you just get creative and the problem isn't one anymore!

emanesu65-4 karma

Dude, to be honest it kind of bothers me that someone would do an ama like this.

I mean, ya ok. Dude has challenges, so does everybody else.

Absolutely no disrespect intended, but don't you think you're wearing your cp on your sleeve?

Hunterwclf3 karma


Hello emanesu65,
No disrespect taken, and I understand your point of view.
You are correct, not only do I wear my disability on my sleeve but it's an entire part of me.
And this is why stuff like this is really important, I'm here to answer questions so it becomes less awkward to talk about stuff that isn't only a sickness or a disability, but an entire half of a human being that has it, me or any other person with CP.
People are curious by nature so you can't stop questions, but if it becomes normal then it won't be so weird anymore.