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Any specific type of math that you two enjoy?

What do you like about economics, Sharifa? Are you more of a micro or macro?

Georgina (and I suppose all), who's your favorite author?

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What exactly do you do for training, if you can give a brief rundown? Also, have you ever hurt yourself while performing? What was that like?

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Salut, mon pote!

Pourquoi le francais est-il trop complique d'apprendre? Je lutte trop en ecoutant et en parlant. Est-ce que tu es assez forte en parlant/ecoutant a l'anglais que tu peux l'ecrire? Comment est-ce que tu l'as bien fait?

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I'll be your bf if you give me that.

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Hey! I just started to code last week. I'm starting off with Haskell, as I've been told great things about it, it's up-and-coming, and it's a different type of language. I'm hoping to make significant progress, but it has definitely been a slow process at first.

My few questions:

1) Which language did you start with, and why?

2) Which language are you best in?

3) Which books did you use?

4) Where would you like to go from here?