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You mentioned people staring. When I see someone with an issue, being a scar or disfigurement, or disability, I try my very best to be respectful and kind. Were you really all right with someone coming up to you and asking about your disfigurement or did you consider it an invasion of your privacy? I am, of course referring to before you had your transplant. You look awesome btw.

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Thank you for answering, I'll keep that in mind. Nice to "meet" you. Hope your remaining surgeries go well.

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"But can't you just try again?"

If your sister/brother died would you think, "That's ok I still have siblings. " Or if your spouse died, "Oh well, I can just get married again. "

They are grieving for the child they lost. Even if they have another, that child is still gone.

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Is there a "zombie pool" such that extras are given different clothes and make up and then reused as zombies. There are so many of them I would imagine there is some steady work for extras.

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Is your cat named after the character in "The Fifth Element?"