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It’s also the only effective treatment we have for refractory depression. There’s some potential for Ketamine but that’s a long ways away.

It sounds more like you’re preying on people’s visceral reactions to a relatively safe treatment.

Why won’t you say what the specific “brain damage” is? Are you talking about memory loss? Because that is more than covered in the consent process and they make the informed decision that some memory loss is better than crippling depression.

Keep in mind people reading this that ECT is literally the last option. People who have ECT in most cases have failed all other conventional treatments for depression.

See ya on /r/AMAdisasters pal

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Do you really like breakfast? That’s the only thing I know about cerebral palsy from TV

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Do you still think doing this was a good idea? Does anyone fall for this obvious scam bullshit?

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Apology not accepted

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How much did you pay Reddit to place this AMA (that seemingly no one gives a shit about) on people’s front page?