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Hey! I also have cerebral palsy. Just stopping by to say hi. I have a mild case; most people assume I’m limping. I try to brush it off, because I’m shy and don’t want to explain my whole life story. Do you have to deal with that, too?

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Hey, thanks! I am getting along just fine. I think my issue with sharing is that I’d rather end the interaction than come off as attention-seeking or oversharing. I’m sure that’s not how it would really seem, but I have a fear that I would be treated differently if it was discovered that I’m not “normal”. I like to overthink things!

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Am 23, I’m less shy in my work-life, but still shy about some personal things. I’ll blab on and on about what I made for dinner the night before, but don’t want to bother people with my life problems. I’m sure I’ll get over it eventually.

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This was sweet, thank you.

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Hey thanks, man.