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Einhander_mk219 karma

Hey guys – I’ve had a blast being an extra on Con Man. My questions would be Did you always plan/expect for the Spectrum universe to expand into comics and beyond?

And for everyone-Who’s been your guy’s favorite cameo so far on Con Man?

Thanks for all the fun on set, PJ! Looking forward to Season 2!

Einhander_mk23 karma

I really am glad you have such a positive outlook on it all. Thanks for taking the time to answer my naive question! I wish you the best, good sir!

Einhander_mk23 karma

Hey Adrien, I was just curious if this kind of condition is generally the same throughout life? Does it get worse? Better? Or do you maybe have your own take on how you’ve adapted/coped with cerebral palsy?

Einhander_mk22 karma

woo! hope you had as much fun as i did!

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You said you were interested in movies, what would be your top 10 list? And what movies are you looking forward to coming out? Hope you’re having a great day!