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I'd gladly give her both of my ex wife's lungs...

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You sound a lot like my daughter (25) who also has CP. Like you, she has trouble walking but otherwise she's a smart healthy kid. She's worried about driving though because she doesn't feel her reaction times are quick enough to be safe on the road. Do you have any tips or suggestions that may help her to calm her fears?

Also, congrats! I know things can be tough sometimes not being able to do things as easily as others and it can require a lot more effort to make it work. People like you and my daughter prove that just because you can't do one thing as well doesn't mean you can't do other things even better than the rest of us.

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Thanks for the answer.

I don't think the parenting was really any harder to be honest... different in some ways than with my other daughter, and a bit more expensive with the extra doctors visits and supplies, but that's about it, and she was easier to catch when she tried to get away with something lol. I wouldn't trade it for the world.