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Did you have advanced medical knowledge, ie: doctor told you to stop smoking, eat better, lose weight, exercise more, drink less coffee etc etc etc, or was this a spontaneous emergency related to SCAD?

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they can't win

According to the UNHCR 90% of these people come from "war free" countries, they could always go back home. "Economic migrant" is not a "refugee".

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Knowing children aren't capable of making mature, well thought out decisions, why are you indulging their fancies?

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Considering Algae & volcanoes contribute nearly all of the pollution on the planet, what are you doing to combat/battle these forces of evil?

I mean... unless humans from the future went back in time with industrial sized space heaters attached to helicopters & melted the last mass glaciation on Earth that is....

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Were you awarded compensation for your birth injury?