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What was one thing you expected to be easy for you (with your handicap), but then turned out to he actually really hard?

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Im glad you figured it out! You are useful to society just by working on the things that your suited too. Even if we as a society cant recognize your value, or you yourself struggle to see it, you are valuable and useful to society.

Some things arent easy to see, but it doesn’t mean they arent there.

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Lol was confused at first, then laughed so hard my family is confused.

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Love this answer, obsessed with rdr2 right now. Huge fallout fan and been on the fence sbout 76. On one hand i lovd fallout and I really want a multiplayer, on the other the gameplay ive seen doesnt look that great, and i have no friends interested in playing it with me. Seems like t would t be much fun solo.

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I think just walking around he probably wears his cp on his sleeve. Its not really a choice. As far as internet presence. Op made it pretty clear that cp is a part of who he is, the fact that he is comfortable with openly doing an ama should be lauded not belittled.

Plenty of people are ignorant of cp and may have questions, this is a good way to address that.

Plenty of disinformation and wrong assumptions about cp, great way to dispel them.

Everybody does have challenges, it helps to be informed about these challenges so you don’t accidentally insult/hurt someone out of ignorance.

Im not trying to be rude to you or disrespectful, i just dont see what your trying to say. This guy has a set of problems people are potentially curious about, offers to do an ama. Hes qualified to answer questions, its a good idea for an ama, i dont get what the problem is.