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Hi Iridebike!
Yes I do walk alot, but only for short distances at a time. When I need to go out for a long time I either use a classic wheelchair or an electric scooter.
Also yes! Cerebral Palsy is extremely different from one person to another, and can affect different parts of the body.

While I personally won't climb a mountain, I did work in a summer camp for a full month (without any aid/adjustments made) and even if it was a true challenge for me I'm glad I did, it was a wonderful experience

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Hey piscespixie,
Hope you're doing well even with that!
At first I was like that too, but after many questions and weird looks I just tackle it straight on, the answer has always been positive. People are curious by nature and I also want to raise awareness about it so it's not weird anymore, if that makes sense.

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Hi wailordlord! Man, what a tough question this is... it's usually the other way around!
I think your question might refer to something tangible, but the only answer I have for this is more... psychological(?)
I would have to say accepting the stares from people.
I do walk in my own weird way because of this, and I used to be really self conscious about it, but when I actually sat down and tought about it I figured that it's normal that people stare at something that they are unfamilliar with.
All it took was a little bit of reflexion, and boom, it was gone.

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Hi Remble123! No, (phew!) my disability doesn't affect this "kind" of movement and/or my sensitivity at all, at least for this specific purpose!

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Hello wutevahung!
I used to work, I tried different jobs, some were suitable, some less so. From activity organiser in a summer camp to regular desk job, I haven't been able to find something that suits me well. Also I'm currently considering updating my status to "Unable to work" administravily.

As for society, I think people are actually getting alot better in terms of acceptance, sensitivity regarding disabilities and all that.
However, administrations (at least in France) makes it really hard to get what's rightfully ours (funds, help and all that) and I think there's loads that can be improved on here.