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We've had legal prostitution in Australia for about 20-30 years I think and the sky has absolutely not fallen in.

Life goes on and all the sex workers prefer it.

In fact it's so normal that Rupert Murdoch's (who owns Fox News) local paper run ads for hookers and his Aussie news website runs regular columns by a sex worker.

And no one cares..


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Hi drs

How accurate are colonoscopies at detection of cancer?

A 2008 NYT article claimed they were much less effective than previously believed :

Colonoscopies Miss Many Cancers, Study Finds


Is the study valid or out of date?

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I hope you find someone special soon ☺️

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I am so sorry for you Americans (I assume). I get angry that you don't get better care.

In my country if my Dr says I need a colonoscopy I can get one very soon with private insurance and maybe a months or 2's wait in the public system if it's not considered urgent.

It makes me cross that money is the determinant of access to medical care for many ppl.

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This may be a silly question but can you have a sex life? Does CP affect downstairs. Tell me to fuck off if that's too personal.