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I hope you find someone special soon ☺️

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This may be a silly question but can you have a sex life? Does CP affect downstairs. Tell me to fuck off if that's too personal.

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Oui! You type excellent English 👍

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Thanks for the answer. By the way, what country are you in? France?

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Good to hear that advice from someone living with cp.

I think a lot of the starers mean well and may want to ask questions but feels like it may be rude or hurtful or may make you feel bad.

So they think about speaking to you, don't know what to say so decide to say nothing to avoid offending you, which paradoxically, may be worse.

That's why I think it's a really good idea you had to have this AMA as a lot of us mean well but are clueless.

I think it would be a great idea if people like yourself could come to schools where kids are young but not too young like in primary school or maybe year 7 to give a talk to kids about your condition.

IMHO there's a huge lack of awareness about CP and disability generally in the wider community.