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Is that common sense....and empathy?!

... oh wait, candidate NOT politician.

I truly hope you succeed so you can blow my mind by being a politician with common sense and empathy.

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It's appalling every time Elliot state forest is brought up and used as an example of some sort of wrongdoing by the governing body.

The forest was acquired by the state specifically to sell timber rights leases for school funding. When that forest became unprofitable and unmanageable, Oregon's constitution required it's sale. Now the state (with it's $1.8 billion dollar deficit) has to pull money out of somewhere so that this economic drain out in the middle of nowhere can stay relatively unused and unmanaged.

Everything about the Elliott state forest has blown way out of proportion by Oregon's politicians and Oregon's media outlets. It is one of the poorest examples of the fight for/against public lands.

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Does the magma that is being released by the current vents match in volume to the amount of magma that was feeding the crater and the amount that the crater has lost as the level has dropped?

If the crater were to become plugged due to rockfall from the walls, is there a chance that there is a path of lesser resistance that would cause an explosion through a different vent in the system?

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Active operations on federal lands that pose a risk to public safety can enforce restricted access areas. For logging, trucks can move much faster up and down the mountain when traffic is controlled so they gate off huge sections of forest for "your safety".

Inholdings are also quite common in national forests as well, but usually those "No Trespassing" signs indicate "Private Property" when that is the case.

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Looking at your time frame, it's likely you ran into sharps. Do you see them as the other side of the same coin from the hammers?

Portland, Oregon was a hotbed around that time of clashes between sharps and hammers and to this day the sharps that are still around claim the victory for "cleansing" Portland in the 90's. There are a few from that time who have reinvisioned what they did back then revitalized within in the Antifa movement now, which I see as having no difference other than the addition of anarchists, socialists, extreme leftists and an even more militant attitude.

The idea of sharps, reading Spirit of '69, the music, the scene, the brotherhood is what sucked me in. By 21 it became too apparant that it was still hate that fueled their violence, and boneheads will be boneheads.

It blows my mind to think that in the hours after a brawl a hammer kid could have been blasting Armaggedeon Time with a cold beer pressed to the side of his head, just like me or any of my crew. Hate can be so blinding and dehumanizing.