I was on a four-episode stretch of Family Feud episodes that ran from January 29 - February 1, 2014. Of the three episodes we won, we won Fast Money on the second. In the end, we came out with about $22,000. We filmed in May 2013 but it took us 8 months to air.

Here are the first two episodes (I haven't gotten around to posting the last two):

Episode #1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92QCQLD0FBc

Episode #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDTbz6Vpn6Q




EDIT: Just wanted to give my boys (and Spencer) at REscour a shoutout. Best startup team on the east coast. www.rescour.com

I swear I'm not being forced to do this.

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ghoti_styx987 karma

Was the other family super black to balance out how incredibly white your family appears to be?

notreallyslimshady900 karma

I always had a theory that they did that, and it turns out I was right. They do black vs. white whenever they can. Our fourth episode was white vs. white because they had flown that family in from either Oregon or Washington and didn't want to pay to keep them another night.

hobbitfeet300 karma

Why do they do that?

notreallyslimshady744 karma

To appeal to a wider audience

TehBrandon818 karma

Are you forced to clap and cheer for your own family member even if the answer is terrible? I feel as if the producers tell you to do that regardless of an answer.

notreallyslimshady946 karma


IRunFast24471 karma

What kind of snacks did they have backstage?

notreallyslimshady707 karma

You arrive in the morning and they have a continental breakfast (coffee, juices, donuts, etc.). You do rehearsal for a couple hours to get used to the set, make sure any clothing doesn't disagree with the cameras (white and stripes), and because they still haven't picked who will play.

After that, you get Subway subs for lunch, and then that's pretty much it. They filmed four episodes our day (and we were all four), and I think we got a snack after the third game while Steve ate dinner. It was a granola bar if I remember correctly.

IAMLukeBailey1411 karma

I can just imagine Steve eating a lobster dinner...

"But s-s-s-sir, what about the contestants?"


cdc194620 karma

He doesnt shell it or anything, just bites right through it with his giant white mechanical teeth.

notreallyslimshady469 karma

Can confirm

ailyara462 karma


notreallyslimshady709 karma


notreallyslimshady597 karma

Survey says...

notreallyslimshady1053 karma


Top answer is dirty sock.

I hate the survey.

catsrule362256 karma

Were there any actual bullshit answers?

notreallyslimshady587 karma

"Name a place where you have to turn off your cell phone?"

Top answer is hospital. WHAT?!

ghoti_styx366 karma

there're signs all over that say to turn your phone off at the hospital.

notreallyslimshady608 karma

But is that your first thought compared to a movie theatre or airplane?

nik27442 karma

What's up fellow family feud bro! (I'm 2nd from the left.)

notreallyslimshady549 karma

Please tell me....does the money ever come? It's been almost a year...

drayon364 karma

Did you ever have to make up a stupid answer because you couldn't think of anything good to say?

notreallyslimshady899 karma

Yes. Question was "What is a card game that you would be surprised that people strip to?" I blanked out on card games so I said 50 Card Pick-up. That's not even how many cards are in a deck...

ghoti_styx581 karma

did your family yell "good answer" and clap for you?

notreallyslimshady993 karma

Yes. They were pity claps.

hippopatimus331 karma

How is Steve Harvey really?

notreallyslimshady621 karma

He is an amazing guy. You don't really see him except for when the cameras are rolling because he has to change outfits in between the episodes. He is a lot shorter than I had imagined.

Everyone that watches the episodes points out that we had a total bromance. He told me he was going to take me to Miami, but I am still waiting on that call...

HueGeeRection-329 karma

How white are Steve Harvey's teeth in person?

notreallyslimshady558 karma

Very. I told him so.

AguywithLegs318 karma

I was the fifth team member of the family that beat you

notreallyslimshady222 karma

Hahaha I remember you guys. Great job on all of the success! Didn't you win the car?

CelebornX66 karma

Was he the guy with legs?

notreallyslimshady49 karma

He was a guy with legs.

Orionoceros56275 karma

I hear they shoot a week's worth of episodes in a day. Were all your appearances shot on the same day?

notreallyslimshady389 karma

Yes, all four episodes were shot in the same day. They said they shoot anywhere from four to six episodes in a day, depending on the week.

TheBatPod255 karma

Dang! So Steve Harvey must change suits a whole lot in a day. And no wonder his stache is so consistent...

dibsODDJOB108 karma

And that takes a lot of time with all the 16 button suits he wears.

notreallyslimshady23 karma

Don't forget the vests

PenysEnvi257 karma

What did you do with your winnings? Do they tax much of it?

notreallyslimshady395 karma

You don't get your winnings until 90 days after the show airs. It is automatically divided five ways. It will be subject to income tax.

Nepalm156 karma

How do they divide the car if you win it?

catsrule362555 karma

They bring Oprah in.


RabbitFeet25236 karma

Except the 5th person. They get the hood.

notreallyslimshady265 karma

What if they're from the hood?

notreallyslimshady232 karma

If you get the car, they just give you a car and you figure it out. If you take the cash equivalent, that is divided.

omgahippy245 karma

What kind of contact, if any, did you have with Steve Harvey? What was the atmosphere like there?

notreallyslimshady440 karma

Steve is a great guy. The only contact we had was while we were filming. When we lost on the final episode, he pulled me aside as we left and told me I was a bright kid and that I was going places.

The atmosphere was very fast-paced. For example, when you finish a game, they whisk you backstage to hook you up with a wireless mic while they give you instructions and all you are focused on is getting some water. However, the cast and crew are incredibly friendly. We had two guys named Carlos and Bryce that would cut up with us on breaks.

bluescreenedgamer206 karma

Well I'll be darned you shot in May 2014? What kind of of sorcery is this?

notreallyslimshady179 karma

Touche. Fixed.

minimansauce173 karma

What is rehearsal like for a game show? Is it just a run through, or do they kind of script it?

notreallyslimshady299 karma

They have a stand-in Steve Harvey (don't remember his name but he was pretty funny) and play a mock game with all of the lights, effects, etc.

jonloovox254 karma

Is he black too?

notreallyslimshady441 karma


internetlad87 karma

This is actually something I'm really interested in. Whenever I'm watching "unscripted" TV, I'm always trying to see exactly how much of it is really "unscripted"

Game shows seem to play it pretty straight. Obviously the host has some scripted material and even some scripted jokes to play off of, but it seems like most of the good stuff is a result of just basic human interaction.

The absolute worst seems to be those "reality" competitions on Discovery channel. Was watching Desert Car Kings, and despite loving the premise, every single interaction seems wooden and stiff, like they're just shitty actors going over a loose script for the camera. . . which is probably exactly what it is.

notreallyslimshady229 karma

Everything is completely unscripted. Steve's jokes are made up on-the-fly.

GotMoFans172 karma

So since you won money, you can't be on other game show for 5 years right? Or does that not count since you weren't solo?

notreallyslimshady288 karma

I'd have to revisit the contract, but I think it was 30 years...

Hark_An_Adventure159 karma

How many people are in the studio audience?

notreallyslimshady254 karma

Not too many. Probably a hundred or so is my guess.

floridaweather159 karma

how did you guys get picked? send in an application, then interview, or is there something else?

notreallyslimshady202 karma

Auditioned at the Civic Center in Atlanta where we played a mock game that they filmed. Got called back a couple weeks later and worked out a film date.

flannerybh156 karma

During commercials, do they really take a break or is Steve just like, "We'll be right back ... Welcome back to Family Feud!"

notreallyslimshady183 karma

They really take a break so that we can get water, go to the bathroom, etc.

oskeet-skeet-skeet144 karma

Do they pay for your hotel and travel expenses? If so, 3 star ? 4 star hotel?

notreallyslimshady199 karma

They do if you live far enough away. We only live an hour away though.

bulldog32171 karma

Did you just happen to be in ATL anyway for the audition or do they not shoot in LA?

notreallyslimshady134 karma

They have filmed in Atlanta for the past two years.

bigcow31140 karma

Did Steve Harvey react to anything you said?

notreallyslimshady223 karma

He reacts to everything. They film for an hour for every episode (~20 minutes) and just cut it to the good parts.

TalkingBackAgain96 karma

His moustache is this really smooth carpet. What does that look like up close?

notreallyslimshady146 karma

A really smooth carpet.

ramblingnerd123 karma

Do you smack talk against the other family contestants before the show?

notreallyslimshady177 karma

Not really. Everyone is really cordial. Except for rehearsal, where you don't know who you will be facing, you don't see the families until you are on the set. No really opportunity for smack talk.

LiveByTheSWard85 karma

How about the crossed-forearm "X" gesture when the other team is guessing? Please tell me you employed it.

notreallyslimshady130 karma

I did. I actually caught a lot of flack for that.

flyinhawaiian09112 karma

Did they ask you to bring multiple suits in case you kept winning?

notreallyslimshady188 karma

We had to bring four outfits but just because some outfits don't look good on camera. All of ours were fine. You only get to change if your run goes into the next day.

catsrule362156 karma

"Get to change."

Fuck your sweat and BO, we're rolling.

notreallyslimshady184 karma

They keep the set cold enough to where that is not a problem.

catsrule362148 karma

How about hard nipples? Are those a "problem"?

notreallyslimshady333 karma

In real life or the show?

OphionLegendz108 karma

How did you get your teeth so white? WHAT IS YOUR SECRET?!

GabrielBonilla102 karma

Do you like soup?

notreallyslimshady547 karma

I think it's souper

MoreEpicThanYou74785 karma

Will you please stand up?

sleazlybeasly67 karma

Don't be stupid, stupid. It's not really him.

notreallyslimshady89 karma

Maybe it's a ploy...

jZampage81 karma

What was the application process like and how did you get selected? My family and I have always wanted to go on the Feud. Seems like a great time, congratulations on the four wins!

notreallyslimshady139 karma

You audition and if they like you, you get a call back. They want people with an excessive amount of energy. Like, really excessive.

I_am_not_angry79 karma

When he looks down at the judges for clarification or when he has to ask a contestant to reword their answer, is it like 1 or 2 people or a whole panel of producers/judges?

notreallyslimshady118 karma

Two people. Executive producers.

pacdude70 karma

/r/gameshow would love to have you as one of us!

notreallyslimshady215 karma

Funny enough, saw this on the front page of that sub.


That is the team that beat us...

hobbitfeet68 karma

How did your family pick among themselves who was going to play? Did you have any sense that the people you brought would be good at Family Feud, or did you just bring any relatives who wanted to come?

notreallyslimshady125 karma

I have a family of five so it was perfect!

an0malie68 karma

So, I was at home one day last week with an ear infection, watching lots of daytime TV and I saw one of your episodes. I totally recognized you as soon as I opened the picture. I've seen a total of two Family Feud episodes ever, and one was yours! Also, I totally laughed at your answer for "What is a 3 letter word that ends in X?" when you said 'sex'. Awesome!

Edit: To clarify, the host heard 'sex' instead of 'sax' and put it up on the board as 'sex'. I couldn't make it out clear enough to tell the difference, but it did read 'sex'. Also, his sister said 'six'.

notreallyslimshady133 karma

Fun fact: I actually said "sax" but "sex" is a way better answer

zaniko56 karma

OMG I SAW YOUR EPISODES! I was rooting for your family, you were so close to that car!!!

Question, who's in the audience? I know you film a bunch of episodes in one day, so is it your own fam coming to see you and every other family that is there that day?

notreallyslimshady72 karma

The audience is just random fans. We didn't invite anyone we knew because there was still a chance we wouldn't film that day.

W3dn3sday44 karma


notreallyslimshady78 karma

Yes. Steve was impressed. He made many comments about it, but all were cut.

mendicant111643 karma

What does Steve Harvey smell like?

notreallyslimshady151 karma

Moustache conditioner

stonewallnilgoals39 karma

The way the game is set up, it really only matters who wins the Triple round. Did you not really care about the earlier rounds?

EDIT: Thinking about this, I suppose by winning all the earlier rounds in ensures you cannot lose in regulation

notreallyslimshady54 karma

It definitely shakes your confidence if you lose the earlier rounds. That being said, the triple is all that really matters.

toadfan6433 karma

What are some of the rules they go over before you begin?

notreallyslimshady69 karma

Clap excessively, don't hit the podium, wait for Steve to talk

dgwingert32 karma

Is it harder to think when you are actually up on stage? My experience watching Family Feud on TV is that I feel I know all the answers while the contestants come up with stupid responses.

notreallyslimshady48 karma

I actually found it somewhat easier. Maybe because I was just in the zone.

PrairieKid27 karma

Hey FBLA President! (Surprised no one mentioned this yet!) You should do another AMA as the FBLA President, because it is such a large organization. Hope life is good- How's preparations for NLC coming this year? I think I might actually get to go this year.

notreallyslimshady25 karma

I may! NLC preparations really haven't started because we have to get through all of the SLCs! I'll be going to 3 this month. Be sure to stop me at NLC if you go!

throwawayfromyourbos16 karma

Hey you little shit. Why aren't you in the office today? Get some work done. Finishing writing those tests. Also, everyone in the office now knows your reddit username hahaha. I'm writing this from the 4th floor bathroom, just to prove this is real.

notreallyslimshady16 karma

lol I rarely ever post. Nothing to be ashamed of...on this username.