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How do you maintain enough revenue to sustain a website these days when so many people just use apps, social media, and aggregators rather than exploring individual websites?

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So since you won money, you can't be on other game show for 5 years right? Or does that not count since you weren't solo?

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Check that... 30 years would be ridiculous for not really that much prize money.

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How the hell did a sports anchor and lawyer afford a butler who had worked for the Queen!?!

How did a 10 year old have a casino going in the basement!?!

How did Mr. Belverdere keep getting renewed those last couple of seasons but kept changing time slots to the point I didn’t even know when one of my favorite shows was on!?!

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I’m guessing much of your data comes from the National Weather Service. Do you feel that data should have a filter through media and weather companies or should the data from the Federal agency be available directly to the public?