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Except the 5th person. They get the hood.

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For people like me who have no clue what the Bell Beefer is. Sorry it's not the most descriptive, but this will give you an idea.

Bonus: I found this commercial from '78-'79 looking for the last link.

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My girlfriend hates you guys because I played that song for her and sang it just like you, but much worse. I guess I need to find a new Gf. Thanks for everything!

I got Toxicity back in elementary school because it wasn't parental advisory and my parents let me. Late middle school and I bought the rest of your discography, and its been my favorite since. You are one of the few bands where I shuffle all albums and love every single song.

thanks for making a major impact on my life and helping discover metal. One question if by chance you're still reading, but what's your relationship with Wu Tang? I've heard your cover of shame on a n*get, and I know one member was involved with RZA on a project called Achozen. Care to shed any light on any of that?

You are literally the last band on my bucket list to see live one day. Really hope to see you guys in FL or somewhere in the US South East!,

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I have never seen a comedian deal with a heckler as well as you did. When you came to UCF, there will always be some drunk asses in there. Other comedians I saw there just told them to be quiet or would ignore/get them removed. You started a conversation when the Miami Heat were brought up with someone who yelled out bad talking your favorite team. You guys just ended up having a typical sports conversations for a while.

I saw quite a few comedians in school, but you were probably my favorite because of your quit wit on stage.

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Dammit I hadn't heard that in over a year. Now that abomination is stuck in my head... again...

Edit: I listened to the lyrics for the first time, it's kind of sad how everyone makes fun of this. Someone took Mason's life, he was like a brother to her. They used to blaze trees and sometimes slang. I mean "it was gettin' wicked and shit." Deep stuff "...being in the D, it's bad fo ya health". Bonus shout out to Ray Ray