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It's actually happened, and they gave them the car:


EDIT: What, you guys don't drive pianos?

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/r/gameshow would love to have you as one of us!

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My wife has forbade me from doing reality.

That being said, if I'm on TV naked, it's going to be everyone else that'll be afraid.

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So, there's actual Federal laws that prohibit the rigging of the outcome of televised competitions, and a load of lawyers on set of every game show in the US I've been on to make sure that every part of the game is fair. There's also sheets of rules that the game and the players must follow. If either side breaks the rules, there can be serious repercussions.

So, on shows like Jeopardy! and The Price is Right, those game shows are on the up and up, and are generally edited for time constraints, but what you see on screen is how the game actually played out, with the results being fair.

Shows like The Amazing Race and Survivor and things like that have producers that can adjust the rules of the game on the fly to influence the outcome of the game, but as long as the rules are both run by Standards and Practices with no issues and thoroughly presented to all contestants, unfair they may be, there's no issues.

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I always thought that things that were duck-sized were super-easy to punt, even with 100 of them around. A running start with some decent cleats would probably dole out some pretty raucous carnage.