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My husband is trying to convince me to answer the door in lingerie when the next pizza delivery guy comes. I am leaning towards, "There are a million ways this could go wrong."

Can you tell me what the likely various outcomes of this would be? How it it could go wrong/right depending on the delivery person?

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Why do they do that?

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Your significant other looks like a shrunken head.

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I have my own way of picking watermelon, and I've never gotten a bad watermelon with it. I usually (70% of the time ish) get good ones, and the rest of the time, I get fine ones.

Watermelon is my favorite food, and I usually go through one big one every day or two in the summer, and I've picked watermelons this way in both China and the US, so my method has been seriously tested. It's also been independently verified in that no one in my family will buy watermelon now without me, since their faith in my method is absolute, but their ability to remember said method is the opposite of absolute.

The method is:

1) Only buy watermelon in season (which is summer, basically -- google it). There are no good watermelons out of season. This is the great tragedy of life that we all must learn to bear.

2) As most people will recommend, knock/pat on the watermelons until you find one that sounds distinctly hollow. This will weed out all the underripe watermelons. However, what most people don't seem to know is that, while ripe watermelons do sound hollow, so do overripe watermelons. And overripe watermelons don't taste good; you want perfectly ripe.

3) To determine whether your hollow-sounding watermelon is ripe or overripe, press as hard as you can on BOTH ends (where the stripes meet) of the watermelon. If BOTH ends have no give whatsoever, then you have yourself a perfectly ripe watermelon. Watermelons with give are over the hill (overripe).

That's it. Oh, and, if the watermelon are on sale, they're probably all overripe. If you feel like picking through the whole batch, you might find one decent one, but if you aren't patient/flush with time, just skip sale watermelons altogether.

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How did your family pick among themselves who was going to play? Did you have any sense that the people you brought would be good at Family Feud, or did you just bring any relatives who wanted to come?