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Hey Piper, did anyone actually throw their pie for you?

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So, I was at home one day last week with an ear infection, watching lots of daytime TV and I saw one of your episodes. I totally recognized you as soon as I opened the picture. I've seen a total of two Family Feud episodes ever, and one was yours! Also, I totally laughed at your answer for "What is a 3 letter word that ends in X?" when you said 'sex'. Awesome!

Edit: To clarify, the host heard 'sex' instead of 'sax' and put it up on the board as 'sex'. I couldn't make it out clear enough to tell the difference, but it did read 'sex'. Also, his sister said 'six'.

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Can't stop the signal, Mal

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If it's set in our town, then I think we should totally be one of the early cities it opens in. That seems only fair!

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Well, the hood is just a door to the engine bay...