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In Shadowrun that's literally every corp sec though

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Was the last ama so good for business you decided to do another?

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This is actually something I'm really interested in. Whenever I'm watching "unscripted" TV, I'm always trying to see exactly how much of it is really "unscripted"

Game shows seem to play it pretty straight. Obviously the host has some scripted material and even some scripted jokes to play off of, but it seems like most of the good stuff is a result of just basic human interaction.

The absolute worst seems to be those "reality" competitions on Discovery channel. Was watching Desert Car Kings, and despite loving the premise, every single interaction seems wooden and stiff, like they're just shitty actors going over a loose script for the camera. . . which is probably exactly what it is.

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He tried to sing along.

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Have to give props to him. It's honestly my favorite MP film.

I might have liked Holy Grail more if it wasn't just so outrageously played out with all my nerd ass high school friends quoting it to death by the time I watched it.