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Just tilt your head to the left...

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The image of Jeff and Chang caring for children is hilarious.

Can you do something about an episode in which each character is assigned a kid to care for as part of an assignment or something?

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Hey Ali!

Who have you worked with who is very different off-camera than you would think?

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How many people are in the studio audience?

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It looks like Jeff has elected to skip this question, so I'll answer with a couple of moments instead:

  • At the first tribal council, the entire tribe voted for Jeff to mock the seriousness of the whole thing. They were told to revote, and the "Jeff vote" never aired.

  • In season twelve, Panama/Exile Island, Aras and Shane found a brick of cocaine on the beach. Shane wanted to keep it and take a bump before challenges to give them an edge, but production stepped in and took it away.