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Mr. Brosnan,

I think I can speak for an entire generation of people to say thank you as we grew up with you as our Bond, and I think you brought something to the screen that no other Bond was capable of. You had the charm and wit of a dashing playboy, but still had the suave and confident action hero spy moves to go along with it. Every Bond has their strengths, but I think you carried the franchise back into popularity.

So my question is what is your favorite Bond movie? Both yours and not yours?

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But is it breaking your heart?

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Guesstimations generally contain very little integrating.

In fact, if I were to guesstimate, I'd say less than 2% of guesstimations include integrating.

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Thank you for the reply! GoldenEye remains my favorite movie as well and I also love early Connery films.

Pierce and I are on the same page. Amazing.

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He's a Republican senator now.