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What was the application process like and how did you get selected? My family and I have always wanted to go on the Feud. Seems like a great time, congratulations on the four wins!

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Absolutely loved playing Serious Sam. I was in a program in highschool for 'gifted' kids (not really that gifted, if you ask me) and their curriculum was nothing short of outrageous. I was introduced to Serious Sam through a peer and we played it every time we had 'class' for this particular program.

My question for you is, what would your advice be to an avid gamer with a B.B.A. if he wants to work in the video game industry? How do I get involved, or get my name out there? I'd love to venture into a career with gaming, as it has been my only solace. Any advice?

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This is more of a personal question since it's so much later after your AMA but I look forward to your answer.

I'm a medical student and have about 3 years left before finalizing a decision on residency and getting ready for "the match".

I'm genuinely curious, why urology? Were you simply fascinated by it more so than other specialties? Was it a financially motivated decision? Was it ease of admission into residency for urology? As a motorcycle rider and former racer who has encountered my fair share of accidents and orthopaedic surgeons, I share a unique perspective and passion that motivates me to pursue it more than other specialties, regardless of the financial benefits.

I'm just curious what drew you to becoming a urologist over say dermatology, plastic surgery, radiology, orthopedics, etc.

I know the strict competition, especially for the formerly listed, and how difficult it can be to find a residency often times for some of them, and was wondering if you chose your specialty based upon passion or some other motivating factor such as money or residency admission.

Sorry for the long narrative. Thanks for your answer.

Edit: After reviewing your website I also noted you're an international student from Montreal, Canada. I know licensing in California can be a complete pain in the ass, especially for international students despite meeting the guidelines of the state(s), passing all necessary boards, etc. Was this an issue for you? Do you have an opinion on this matter for say other aspiring doctors who may want to relocate to California but have a degree from, say a European, Canadian, or Caribbean University and how license acquisition is such a hassle?