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I can answer personally- I first saw Tara Strong (or a picture of her) about a year ago. I honestly stared for a minute- not because she is so beautiful (which she is) but because it was NOT what I pictured. I can't watch FOP the same way now.

OK, I'm officially "that weird fan of a middle-aged woman in some cartoons".

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HUGE FAN! My question is why haven't you done much live acting? You're a beautiful woman and (as far as I can tell) a great actress. I would love to see you in a non-cartoon form. (That is creepy!)

Thank you VERY much for doing this AMA! Like I said, big fan! You practically raised me, since I spent more time listening to you than my mom! :)

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Howdy- Thanks for the AMA.

I had a question about the asteroids themselves. There has been talk of us "harvesting" the asteroids for material and I've even heard some people saying we could inhabit them. What is your take?

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Noquestionhere... Less than 15 comments in and I can tell everyone is a bit afraid that they will get Alzheimer's. Felt the need to bring up the Nun Study. Basically, if you are smart and have literary density (you english good), you are less likely to get Alzheimer's later in life. SO- read now. Treat yourself well now and make sure you're getting your brain ready for the rest of your life.

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.01 x 7.1 billion people = >100%

That's it, I'm out.