Proof - прошу русского подтвердить для всех, что это согласие на операцию. Спасибо!

I’m sorry if my answers aren’t super long, my head still hurts and I don’t really like typing on my iPad.

Basically my story is that I went to several doctors (including audiologists) in the US complaining about hearing loss, and each time was told that there’s nothing wrong, that I should just deal with it. My wife and I came to Russia 3 weeks ago due to visa reasons, and I decided to check my hearing out just in case. They had me do an MRI, and found a rather large tumor putting a lot of pressure on my brain and hearing organs, most likely causing the hearing loss. I just had it removed yesterday, and I’m very grateful that they found it now because if I had waiting much longer, the situation could have gotten much worse. I’d like to stay somewhat anonymous, but other than that, AMA!

Edit at 16:15 Moscow time: I just threw up and I’m going to take a nap for a bit… I’ll be back soon to answer more questions :)

Edit at 17:15 Moscow time: ok now I’m actually going to take nap, but keep posting questions, I’ll be back soon.

Edit at 20:00 Moscow time: gonna head to bed now, I’ll answer some more in the morning. Thanks for all the interesting questions! It has been a great distraction for me being stuck in the hospital.

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firebrand581977 karma

What is the medical term for the growth which was found on imaging, and where was it located, precisely? Did you not get sent for imaging in the US?

Happyhaha20001207 karma

It was a benign tumor located on the bottom left of my brain, in between my ear and my brain. I really don’t know what else to say, I don’t know all the fancy terms, and besides, they have been telling me everything in Russian haha. Also no, they did not have me do any imaging in the US. In fact each doctor I talked to there treated me like I was wasting their time. My surgeon here was surprised, he thought it was standard procedure to do an MRI when someone loses hearing so young.

ConsulIncitatus651 karma

Fellow brain tumor sufferer here, and I went through three doctors in the US before one finally scanned my head. The first two treated me the same way - like I was wasting their time.

Happyhaha2000162 karma

That really sucks, but at the same time it’s nice knowing I’m not the only one haha.

MrRoxo67 karma

It should be, but you know, in the US doing an mri probably costs 3 million dollars so they are negligent

-Daetrax-21 karma

I think the cost I heard was 10k for an MRI if you walk in off the street and want one

MrRoxo95 karma

In my country it's 200€ in a private hospital. Probably 100€ on public One. 10k is ridiculous, the US healthcare is a joke

Happyhaha200048 karma

That it is.

jdd0019433 karma

Almost certainly an acoustic neuroma.

PilotEnzoFerrari177 karma

Could also be referred to as a vestibular schwannoma but it's basically the same thing

Gruneun842 karma

They could have identified it as a vegemite shawarma, since the OP couldn't hear them, anyway.

Happyhaha200055 karma


Such-Sky633 karma

I'm a native russian speaker. Proof is ok, it's legit consent for surgery.

Надеюсь, этого будет достаточно.

Happyhaha2000199 karma


CornCheeseMafia109 karma

Did you know how to speak Russian at all before the surgery?

Happyhaha200050 karma

Yeah I am pretty good at aRussian, I think. Have been studying hard for 5 years.

Joseluki598 karma

Not a single doctor thought into doing an MRI?

Happyhaha2000566 karma

Not in the US, no.

Bananaaaaaaa563 karma

Aside from the lower cost and language, what was different about your experiences compared to US hospitals?

Happyhaha20001067 karma

They are much much more thorough here, they really check EVERYTHING before doing a surgery, to make sure that it will all be okay. The hospital food is decent, too.

VictorEden16349 karma

I saw your previous post before it got deleted, what was it , $3k for the whole thing?

Happyhaha2000676 karma

Yeah, the surgery, the hospital stay, and everything else is costing me about $3k. 170,000 Rubles. I have no idea how much it would cost in the US, but my guess is at least 50k.

imageWS693 karma

at least 50k.

I'm not even American, but I feel like you're low-balling it. There was that guy who was billed something like 150k for a snake bite.

Happyhaha2000262 karma

Yeah you’re probably right. I really have no idea what it would cost there, but I’m glad that I am doing it here. I really like all of the doctors and nurses I’ve met here, the price is reasonable, and everything went perfectly.

VictorEden1636 karma

Get well bro, but be vigilant for any pro-communist intrusive thoughts you might get.

Happyhaha200029 karma

Shhhh my doctor just came in. Will send messages soon

frostygrin240 karma

So, do you speak Russian now?

Happyhaha2000335 karma

I already spoke Russian before coming.

Blfrog235 karma

or did you?

Happyhaha200045 karma

Lol thanks for this

Happyhaha200034 karma

… я думаю, что да? Все что я знаю - это что время уже давно пришло бухать и слушать хардбасс

PilotEnzoFerrari186 karma

Glad your surgery went well! I had the same surgery done last year and still have some lingering symptoms from it. Did you have any facial paralysis? I'm totally deaf in my left ear but my facial nerve wasn't damaged and I'm a little numb on my fave still so I was wondering how the Russian surgery went in comparison?

Happyhaha2000161 karma

I think I am very lucky, I don’t have any facial numbness, my hearing has improved a bit, and I don’t really have any other problems other than my head hurting, which hopefully will go away soon. I’m sorry to hear that you are still having problems… is there hope they they will go away with more time?

PilotEnzoFerrari77 karma

Yes, my doctor said in 3-5 years after surgery it should look like nothing happened but the hearing is gone for good but hey things could always be worse and it doesn't affect my day to day so it's fine. Thank you for sharing your story!

Happyhaha200059 karma

I’m glad! I have to ask “what?” Like 500 times when someone is standing on my left side, I know your pain haha

veganw0lf141 karma

What version of the kgb brainchip did you get installed or did they not let you pick? Glad you're doing OK op.

Happyhaha2000194 karma


blastradii66 karma

Do you get free 5G now?

Happyhaha2000134 karma

Yeah and my Microsoft is always updated

Tiny_broo114 karma

I’m Russian, can confirm that this document is in fact consent to the operation. Это согласие на операцию, интересно, в какой клинике))

Why did you decide to do the surgery in Russia?

Happyhaha2000206 karma

We were in Russia when they found the tumor, and it seemed like a very urgent thing to do. Also it is way cheaper here and I believe the technology in Moscow is just as good as in NY. И вот на это я не отвечу)

ProjectShamrock109 karma

How many doctors did you go to in the U.S., and were any actual neurologists? It seems like getting an MRI done in the U.S. would have lead to a similar discovery by American doctors.

Happyhaha2000147 karma

I went to like 4 doctors to talk about my ear, and a few audiologists. Nobody ever recommended I see a neurologist or get a brain scan done.

ProjectShamrock72 karma

Yikes, that sucks. That being said I've had some mixed experiences with neurologists in the U.S. as well, including one who ordered an MRI and said everything was fine, but even I looked at it and saw a problem that required surgery which another neurologist confirmed.

On that note, I will say if you require further surgery and would do it in the U.S. I'd highly recommend the BNI in Phoenix. We don't even live there but went there based on prior experience and they did a good job with a surgery earlier this year.

Happyhaha200012 karma

Thanks, I will look into it.

NuclearStar78 karma

Can you now file a claim in US for them repeatedly missing an obvious life threatening situation?

Happyhaha200063 karma

I don’t know, but I doubt it.

IrishFlukey42 karma

I hope your recovery goes well. Based on their examinations having found it, the surgery itself and the cost, how do you think Russia's health system compares to the USA, and what do you now think of the USA health system?

Happyhaha2000107 karma

It is infinitely better here, especially if you go to Moscow. They couldn’t do the surgery in the town we are living in, so we took a 15 hour train ride to Moscow to meet with my surgeon. They are much much more thorough here with everything, and they will keep you as long as you need. The american healthcare system is absolute garbage. Prices are unbelievable, doctors get paid less than they should, and they seem to bring you in and pump you out as fast as possible to maximize profits.

SquareWet41 karma

Do you find your urge to squat in pictures increased?

Happyhaha200052 karma

As of right now I haven’t left the hospital bed for a few days but generally yes.

wisersamson38 karma

If I was young or hadn't gone through med school I would claim "this is fake news Russian propaganda to make the US look bad!"

But unfortunately these stories are far, FAR too common in the states. Maybe it's because my schooling is more recent but I couldn't fucking imagine the guilt I would feel if I didn't do as much as I could for each of my patients. Unfortunately I am all to familiar with the super arrogant doctors who make a snap diagnosis and believe they are infallible and/or are monetarily incentevized to see more and more patients with worse outcomes or see more complex patients to bill the insurance more.

Specifically a lot of older doctors seem to have issues with this, although not exclusively.

Do you feel as if something like this caused you to go undiagnosed in the states?

(Personal curiosity) How was the bedside manner in the Russian operating room/surgery sweet?

Happyhaha200027 karma

Yeah I have had very few good experiences with doctors in the US. It seems like you really have to push it a lot of doctors to get some test done. Everyone in the hospital has been amazingly nice and has done a great job of making me feel less nervous than I normally would. My surgeon in particular is amazing.

uravg36 karma

The numbers Mason, what do they mean?

Jokes aside congratulations on getting affordable healthcare and on the successful surgery. How is your hearing post surgery?

Happyhaha200030 karma

Is this from call of duty?

Grisaia1128335 karma

I'm glad that everything went well!

Did you feel any other symptoms other than poor hearing? Where exactly was the tumor located?

Happyhaha200028 karma

Not really, that was pretty much my only symptom. It was in the lower left corner of my brain, idk what that is called.

remraekitty29 karma

Are you a Russian citizen ? Can Americana go over there for medical care if not a citizen ?

Happyhaha200078 karma

I am not a Russian citizen, but my wife is. I believe you can get a 3 year tourist visa relatively easily. I’ve talked to so,e doctors here and apparently a bunch of Americans come here just to get treatment for so much cheaper.

Lopsidoodle26 karma

How do Russian citizens view America/Americans nowadays?

Happyhaha2000123 karma

Problems between countries are almost always and only political. Take two regular people from any countries in the world and they will probably get along fine. We all want the same things, happiness, love, warmth, material possessions etc. mostly people here are just interested in what America is like, they ask a lot of questions and stuff. I have not met anybody yet that has shown hostility towards me for being American, and this is my third time here.

Lopsidoodle18 karma

That’s cool, I really want to visit Russia but my wife thinks its a bad idea. I figured most people dont care what country you’re from as long as you act decent.

What’s it like there? I assume you are in a city, is there a lot to do there in a general sense (museums, clubs, restaurants) or do most people keep to themselves (or are they still on virus restrictions)?

Oh and this may seem odd, but is there an issue with bugs where you are? I wanted to go hiking/camping in siberia but I saw a documentary where everyone was constantly being swarmed with flies/mosquitoes and looked miserable

Happyhaha200032 karma

Basically everything is open here, most people don’t wear masks and the rest wear them below their noses. There is a lot of culture in Russia. The two big cities are Moscow and St. Petersburg, but the country is huge and there is a lot to see outside of the cities. I haven’t had many probably with bugs here.

Thetimdog25 karma

Do you pay for this in Russia? How much if i can ask (like, just wondering if this is the level of US bad or not). I'm Canadian, so paying for health care hurts my heart whenever i hear it talked about.

Happyhaha200021 karma

About $3k for everything.

Thetimdog12 karma

Wow, thats WAY better than the US. Like, 10-20x fold better, minimum. Im honestly surprised at how fucking bad the US system is. Im happy you were able to do this without bankrupting yourself!

Happyhaha20008 karma

Thanks friend. Of course that is a lot of money for a Russian, I’m lucky I had enough savings from the US.

mostthingsweb22 karma

Unrelated to surgery, but what are some maybe less famous Russian dishes everyone should try? I've tried the classics, Borscht, blinis, etc. and I love them.

Happyhaha200039 karma

There is a lot of amazing Russian food. My wife’s grandma makes the most amazing apple pirozhkis. I know it’s not really Russian, but there are a lot of Georgian restaurants here, and Georgian food is so dank. I also really like a dish called селедка под шубой herring under a fur coat. Look it up, it looks weird but it is so good.

Kataclysm21 karma

How do Russian hospitals compare to those in the US? Personally due to TV and movies, I imagine them to be full of 60's tech and decor.

Happyhaha200054 karma

You would be right about the decor lol

Telefragg36 karma

Moscow hospitals are mostly fine. Provinces vary from decent to moldy crumbling blocks of sorrow where doctors either don't care or they care enough to buy supplies out of their pockets because there's not enough budget.

Happyhaha200020 karma

This is pretty accurate

Daynightz16 karma

Will you continuity get treatment out of country?

Happyhaha200056 karma

We moved here for 2 years, so as long as I’m here, yeah. If I ever have to have something like this done again, I might come back to Russia tbh.

TripleJeopardy337 karma

Have you thought about sending your diagnosis to any of the doctors in the US who failed to properly treat you, as a way to show them how serious their mistakes and failures to properly diagnose were?

Happyhaha200033 karma

I’ve thought about writing a review lol. I don’t want a lawsuit or anything though, I’m sure they were just following procedure

olafskine14 karma

What kind of hearing loss did you have? What were the symptoms if I may ask

Happyhaha200027 karma

I’d say that I hear 100% in my right ear, and about 20% in my left ear.

Gnoodlee12 karma

How difficult would it be to get surgery there as an American who knows no Russian?

Happyhaha200019 karma

It would be very difficult, but you might be able to get a translator.

pkz_swe9 karma

It's one thing what they took out but WHAT DID THEY INSERT?! ;-)

Happyhaha200027 karma


Hm, that’s weird.

UT077 karma did you get your hearing back?

Happyhaha200014 karma

I think a little bit? It’s kind of hard to tell, but I can hear my earbud now, which I couldn’t hear before. It’s also a bit early to really tell for certain I think.

Retikulumaniac5 karma

Do you know if the Tumor was malign (evil, "cancer" will spread into your body) or benign ("good", will stay stationary)? Do you know the exact name/classification of the tumor?

Happyhaha20009 karma

It was benign. I should have put that in the text, my bad. Other than that I know nothing about any of this basically.

lsjunior5 karma

Do you know the Decibel loss in the bad ear? Did they do a air and bone test? How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

Happyhaha20006 karma

I don’t know the exact numbers to be honest. I am in my early 20s

im_Harsh_Malik5 karma

How hot are the nurses there?

Happyhaha20005 karma

Lol they are all in their 50s and 60s I think so do with that what you will. They are all incredibly nice and caring, though.

AlphaK184 karma

How old are you?

Was hearing loss the only symptom? Hearing loss is common with old age. So what really prompted the doc to ask you go for a MRI?

Happyhaha20006 karma

I am early 20s, and it was my only symptom, though I guess sometimes I felt like there was pressure in my head.. The audiologist said that she couldn’t help so she sent me to someone else, who sent me to a neurologist, who had me do an MRI.

Ryden73 karma

Do you plan on suing the US hospitals?

What is your opinion of US doctors now?

Happyhaha200010 karma

No, I feel like that would take years and be a terrible uphill battle. I just want to live my life. I think that 99% of doctors are really good people, but that the US healthcare system really hold them back from giving the best help that they can.

Lord_Augastus2 karma

Do you have hope that returning to US, the MSM will want to spin this into 'evil Russia implanted spy devices in cancer stricken American citizen', making you rich and famous in the process?

But seriously, lucky you found it and it was Russia as it seems 'American best medical system in the world' -trump or biden idk. Even here in australia the MRI and doctors arent as good, but the healthcare system would def send someone like you in similar situation to an MRI eventually and then cover/help cover most of the chemo treatment, and living expenses etc. Insurance will help get premium care for sure, so it will do in russia and America, more money =better, but I am thankful that here in Australia we have Medicare, and in russia there is social healthcare that is actually good.

Happyhaha20003 karma

Actually from what I hear from most Russians, the private clinics (though a bit more expensive) are way better than the public ones.

myboyghandi1 karma

Hope you don't mind me asking, but why are you living in the US? Moscow is an awesome place and considering the amazing medical treatment you got there, it seems like a great place to live. I was offered to relocate on company sponsorship and relocation fees to the US, honestly, I would never and where I live isnt even as nice as Moscow

Happyhaha20005 karma

Russia is really awesome in a lot of ways and not so great in other ways. My wife and I would prefer to raise our kids in the US, once we have them.

FallenPangolin1 karma

What if it was discovered too late ?? Are you going to send angry emails to the doctors who didn't order an MRI scan ? Are you going to file complaints with professional organizations? Will there be some revenge ?

Happyhaha20002 karma

From what I understand, if we had waiting much longer and the tumor had grown more, it could have caused a lot more damage to my hearing, the nerves in my face, my eyes and my speech. While this surgery was 3 hours, if it had advanced to that stage, the surgery could have taken 9 hours.

g1g4tr0n31 karma

Questions about the procedure itself, I find surgery fascinating but have zero medical knowledge. Where you conscious? What was it like? How long was it? What's your expexted recovery time?

Happyhaha20002 karma

I was not conscious, they put the mask on, and it felt like I was asleep for like 5 seconds before I woke up in the ICU. The surgery was about 3 hours. They’re expecting to keep me in the hospital for another week, but I should be able to walk pretty soon, maybe later today.

TheTokingMushroom-2 karma

So how is the new Soviet Mind Control Micro-Chip?

Happyhaha200012 karma


Sunburn79-2 karma


Happyhaha20004 karma

I wrote in Russian there, asking someone that is Russian to confirm, that this is an agreement to have brain surgery. Hopefully someone will come along soon to prove it.

LeParsnipSoup-10 karma

You preferred to give money to a fascist country that hates America?

Happyhaha20003 karma

$3k to a private Russian hospital or $200k to a US hospital 🤔