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CornCheeseMafia131 karma

Just drove by downtown Santa Ana in Orange County this past Saturday night and holy shit. All the bars are open and nightclubs closed down the streets and moved everything outside. No ones wearing masks and people are literally wrestling on the sidewalk. It was completely indistinguishable from a college frat row.

It was like an alternate reality where covid never happened. Absolutely insane. Cops were just hanging out watching for drunk drivers like it was a regular Saturday night.

CornCheeseMafia131 karma

What would you do if you saw an Ajax rep in the street? Do you keep a pocket full of BKF just in case?

CornCheeseMafia109 karma

Did you know how to speak Russian at all before the surgery?

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This is the best AMA ever

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I’ve been using photopea for years now. Thank you for your work.