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Hey Mr. Mendez,

My sister lives in Arizona and I came to visit recently. I was appalled by the anti-Muslim sentiment that has grown so strongly. I saw people become aggressive and yell at my sister because she was wearing a hijab, I was approached and cornered by a republican Christian at a gym and because of these negative interactions, I fear for the safety of my young nieces and nephew.

I hope these things will change as time goes on, but is there anything we can do about this?

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I appreciate the reply!

From my parents perspectives, who are the first generation immigrants, I understand the distinction Americans have about immigrants, but its not fair to those of us who were born here, where American values and retaining our cultural identity is all we know.

a local Muslim business owner near me had told me "Muslims will never be accepted as Americans" and i'd like to believe that's not true, but from the recent things ive seen, he has a point.

Id prefer if my nieces and nephews didn't have to go through that. Currently, im getting them to go vote, which is difficult since this idea of "our vote doesn't matter" when living in a republican majority state.

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Do you plan on suing the US hospitals?

What is your opinion of US doctors now?

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I was in the Chandler area. I consider myself more American than anything so it was just surprising that I felt defined by my religion.

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Care to shed some light on your harassment charges and previous problems with money?