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I live in a part of the U.S. with a huge Vietnamese community and have friends who are both Vietnamese immigrants and descendants of Vietnamese immigrants. It feels like a lot of Americans who aren't of any sort of AAPI descent have become extremely familiar with Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cultures.

Apart from the food, what other aspects of Vietnamese culture should Americans from other backgrounds look into because it's something that would likely appeal to the majority of people? What music, film, art, etc. should we look into to gain a better understanding of Vietnamese culture?

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How many doctors did you go to in the U.S., and were any actual neurologists? It seems like getting an MRI done in the U.S. would have lead to a similar discovery by American doctors.

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Yikes, that sucks. That being said I've had some mixed experiences with neurologists in the U.S. as well, including one who ordered an MRI and said everything was fine, but even I looked at it and saw a problem that required surgery which another neurologist confirmed.

On that note, I will say if you require further surgery and would do it in the U.S. I'd highly recommend the BNI in Phoenix. We don't even live there but went there based on prior experience and they did a good job with a surgery earlier this year.

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As another non-Vietnamese person, I've been told to pronounce it like the word "win" as the simplest way for us to do it. However, I don't think that's 100% accurate so if she answers differently it will be interesting to read.

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Thank you for the great response. I don't know if you'll see this for a follow up but it's kind of sad that you would consider yourself a "former painter". If the inspiration comes to you, please make time to revisit it. Sometimes we don't give ourselves enough free time to pursue our artistic interests (which I don't know if that is your situation or not) but I feel like art makes the world a better place.

Also thanks for the movie recommendation. I live in Houston and in the wake of Katrina I volunteered to help people coming from Louisiana and ended up being tasked with helping reunite families. That film must offer an interesting perspective that I hadn't really considered before.