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How much did you get paid for your job? I never see actual numbers mentioned

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How do Russian citizens view America/Americans nowadays?

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That’s cool, I really want to visit Russia but my wife thinks its a bad idea. I figured most people dont care what country you’re from as long as you act decent.

What’s it like there? I assume you are in a city, is there a lot to do there in a general sense (museums, clubs, restaurants) or do most people keep to themselves (or are they still on virus restrictions)?

Oh and this may seem odd, but is there an issue with bugs where you are? I wanted to go hiking/camping in siberia but I saw a documentary where everyone was constantly being swarmed with flies/mosquitoes and looked miserable

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Oh cool, I wasn’t sure what the pay range was. Thanks for the reply!

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Hello and thank you for helping make this information public!

The Guardian story seems to highlight a few specific abuses promoting right-wing political candidates. Did you notice a correlation or higher occurrence of these campaigns by right-wing politicians (and if so, why?) or was that just what they chose to highlight?

Additionally, they mostly talked about Honduras with a little bit about Mexico, Philippines, and Brazil. Were there examples of coordinated efforts by politicians in more powerful positions (Europe, US/Canada, China, Australia, etc.) to manipulate Facebook for promotion?

How widespread do these tactics seem to be as far as level of the politicians being promoted? Were there more local (state/province) level politicians attempting this or was it mostly national political leaders?