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How much did you get paid for your job? I never see actual numbers mentioned

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Oh cool, I wasn’t sure what the pay range was. Thanks for the reply!

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Hello and thank you for helping make this information public!

The Guardian story seems to highlight a few specific abuses promoting right-wing political candidates. Did you notice a correlation or higher occurrence of these campaigns by right-wing politicians (and if so, why?) or was that just what they chose to highlight?

Additionally, they mostly talked about Honduras with a little bit about Mexico, Philippines, and Brazil. Were there examples of coordinated efforts by politicians in more powerful positions (Europe, US/Canada, China, Australia, etc.) to manipulate Facebook for promotion?

How widespread do these tactics seem to be as far as level of the politicians being promoted? Were there more local (state/province) level politicians attempting this or was it mostly national political leaders?

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Why do you feel the need to identify communities by the “color” of the people there? I think you’d fit in better in the 1950s

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Why do you feel the need to announce your gender before any other information about your career?