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How do film critics see their role? Specifically, I remember Ebert gave many "bad" or "popcorn" movies good reviews. He understood that the average movie goer was looking for different things in a movie, and many times a movie that is artistically deficient can still be very popular and pleasing to the general public.

There seem to be several tracks for movies. The most prominent are whether the film is made for the public and box office success or as part of a creative vision. George Clooney has said he makes the Oceans movies so he can turn around and make The American, or another passion project.

My question boils down to this...when reviewing a film, do you have different standards for popular films versus artistic films, and can you create a review for a film that is positive even if it follows over worn patterns and uses cliched lines, if it is enjoyable and a fun ride?

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How are you "dealing with QAnon?" I'm glad there is some effort to deal with these people. I'm not familiar enough to know, but is there one person who posts regularly enough that claims to be Q, and is there any way to find out who that person really is an confirm they are, in fact, a fucking liar?

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Along the lines of co-drivers, are you familiar with the, "Samir...you're breaking the car!" video that showcases an interaction between a rally driver and co-driver?

If so, thoughts?

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And it is probably very unlikely, but assholes are running around licking deodorant and shit, or coughing on food in the store. And the ones who are most likely to have it are the ones going about their daily lives, going to the store, and not being careful.

Be extra safe, spend a minute or two cleaning what comes in your home. Hell, change your clothes at the door if you want to. If we are spending most of our hours and days at home now, then we have more time to be cautious. You can't stop this thing, but you can do your part not to catch it.