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I have seen rumors that Don Lewis was running drugs and was most likely killed because of those dealings.

Do you believe that is true?


Fixed Don's last name.

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Sorry that you’re dealing with this, but glad that you know what it is. Do you have a treatment plan? What are the next steps on your path?

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I saw this AMA and recognized your username from some incredibly well informed and well sourced political posts. I honestly thought that the "smut" in your title was referring to the political garbage that's going on right now and was surprised to learn that you meant actual smut.

My question refers to the former type of smut and I'd like to know how you stay so well informed and how long it takes you to type up your responses? Are you like /u/PoppinKREAM where you have some things in the bag ready to go, or do you sit down and start from scratch when writing those responses?

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What is the most dangerous situation you were in?

What is a situation you thought was going to be dangerous that ended up being nothing?

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Did you play on the S&M record that Metallica did?

If so, is it true that of all the members of the band, the one single member that should actually be able to keep time (Lars the drummer), was the only one that couldn't keep time?