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Fighting water scarecity by selling stuff? Why not fight nestle and coke, them together are single handedly taking more water away from people than droughts do. Are you going to address that???

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State of ambivilance.

What sort of coping strategies should one employ for battling indecision, and overwhelming analogous rabbit hole of trying to commit to one idea over the other? The state of ambivilance isnt just for decision making, life choices, phylosphophies, morality, i found it to extend even to emotional intelegence.

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Do you have hope that returning to US, the MSM will want to spin this into 'evil Russia implanted spy devices in cancer stricken American citizen', making you rich and famous in the process?

But seriously, lucky you found it and it was Russia as it seems 'American best medical system in the world' -trump or biden idk. Even here in australia the MRI and doctors arent as good, but the healthcare system would def send someone like you in similar situation to an MRI eventually and then cover/help cover most of the chemo treatment, and living expenses etc. Insurance will help get premium care for sure, so it will do in russia and America, more money =better, but I am thankful that here in Australia we have Medicare, and in russia there is social healthcare that is actually good.

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So whilst corporate elite run wild with kleptrocracy in US fbi and cia are wasting time witch hunting for russia interference. Doesnt it seem odd, that the rich are hoarding up wealth and automating their empires, and at the same time not allowing the tax dollar to go where the people want it to go?

I understand that atm many americans believe there is something there, with the russia hacked the election story, but after more than a year of lies and bullshit being peddled by the media, do you really think they will finally find that golden goose piece of evidence they are yet to present as facts?