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If I was young or hadn't gone through med school I would claim "this is fake news Russian propaganda to make the US look bad!"

But unfortunately these stories are far, FAR too common in the states. Maybe it's because my schooling is more recent but I couldn't fucking imagine the guilt I would feel if I didn't do as much as I could for each of my patients. Unfortunately I am all to familiar with the super arrogant doctors who make a snap diagnosis and believe they are infallible and/or are monetarily incentevized to see more and more patients with worse outcomes or see more complex patients to bill the insurance more.

Specifically a lot of older doctors seem to have issues with this, although not exclusively.

Do you feel as if something like this caused you to go undiagnosed in the states?

(Personal curiosity) How was the bedside manner in the Russian operating room/surgery sweet?

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That's wierd I use opiates for arthritis in my knee and I find it energizes me and spurs me to activity during the stronger period of its effects, (better work ethic on the job and doing chores at home). It is truly a testament to the fact that human biology and Pharmokenetics are so complicated that any given drug can have opposite effects on people. I find this is something that layman people find hard to believe. Whether its thinking all weed is for lazy people or all opiates are for addict zombies they fail to realize its actual effects, and how it can be different based on biology and mentality even.

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Magnesium, fiber, and water is what I use as well. I barely have any issue with constipation from pain management.