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I eventually got my luggage back it had been cleaned, packed back meticulously. Every bobby pin was itemized.

What you don't know is the person doing it put on every article of clothing, licked all your stuff, and put it back.

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Basically Mothers wondering how we could sleep at night knowing we were polluting the minds of young children.

On huge piles of money.

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I just want to say thank you for your humor and dedication over the years. Twisp and Catsby for the win.

My question is with the art style you've developed over the years, one could say the current Gabe and Tycho are not the same Gabe and Tycho that existed when the series was first started. Have you considered drawing a comic where the two sets meet and interact with each other?

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Oh jeez, I never caught the sound at the end of the phone call until this clip. o_o

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Of course, otherwise how else will you know if there's explosive residue on it? Technology? Too expensive. Dogs? Too much work. Some poor sap for $8 an hour? Bingo. Plus I hear they like doing it.