Hello, this is Dr. Chuck Tingle, two-time Hugo Award finalist and bestselling author of Space Raptor Butt Invasion and Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt. My writing has been covered in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Vice, GQ, Esquire and countless other publications. I am back for another AMA!

I have recently released a tabletop RPG called The Tingleverse: The Official Chuck Tingle Role-Playing Game (the Monster Guide is here)

I was also doing a tingler podcast with the buckaroos at Nightvale but that is one on a break. I have a new conversational podcast about how to prove love is real called My Friend Chuck (there are links on website but here is direct Apple Podcast link to subscribe.)

Thank you to Son Jon and Sam Rand for helping me type this now I will start typing myself.

I have done previous AMAs on this screen name but here is more proof.

EDIT OF CHUCK: thank you for proving love is real with me in this way your questions were so kind and i think we have make this timeline a better place i am SO THANKFUL FOR YOU AND YOUR WAY and a am so glad we are here together standing against the void and the call of the lonesome train. i have anwsered for 4 and half hours on this timeline so now i am very tired and will take a nap so i have to go now but i would like you to know that you have proved love is real and this has meant so much to me thank you for being you buckaroo

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DoWhile682 karma

If I haven't read Pounded in the Butt by my own Butt will I be able to follow the sequel, Pounded In The Butt By My Book "Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt"?

chucktinglethanks524 karma

yes this also goes for other sequels they mostly work as META TINGLERS so you can jump in wherever and get extra details and refrences but will have a complete story of your own this goes for most tinglers in the tingleverse there are many crossover books (actually all tinglers HAHAHAHAHA better read to find out buddy) but i think you will be fine

intripletime400 karma

Will you please make a book about being pounded in the butt by this AMA? I'll sleep well tonight if so.

chucktinglethanks656 karma


withbellson166 karma

Isn't that about being pounded in the butt by a previous AMA? It seems like there needs to be one about being pounded in the butt by a book about being pounded in the butt by a previous AMA.

chucktinglethanks288 karma

i am not prepared fo this way but it is DANG GOOD HOT TAKE best i can do is this hope this gets you hard as rocks bud

DickyBrucks317 karma

Dr. Tingle - I met you at ComicCon two years ago and you gave me your business card, which has an amazing positive message about how beautiful and special it is that we crossed paths in this timeline. I keep it in my wallet and look at it whenever I'm feeling blue. Thank you for being an amazing buckaroo!

How do you decide which layer of the Tingleverse to explore on a given day? Bonus question: What's your favorite school of magic and why?

chucktinglethanks218 karma

thank you hold onto that DANG CARD there are not very many other there i have given the last away. i think that i might print more someday but for right now those are DANG HARD TO FIND BUD. on most days i like to be on this layer of THE TINGLEVERSE because this is where son jon and klowy and sweet barbara are and family is most important to man name of chuck, but sometimes it is nice to take a trip especially when i have been writing a lot so sometimes i will use timeline travel as a way to break up creative process. but i try to stay in close realities because distant timeline travel is dangerous even for experienced bud like me. favorite school of tingleverse magic for chuck is HOT-TO-TROT which is what charmers use mostly but for dungeons and dwellers i would say CHRONOMANCY but this only exists on certain timelines and is difficult to find son jon has rulebook though he has showed me

vegan_Haiti_trademar305 karma

Dr. Chuck as an ace-ish buck it made me feel so dang good to see tinglers proving that no pounds can be real love too. What made you decide to start writing about bi, lesbian, ace buds and other ways?

chucktinglethanks450 karma

thank you well i will say off the dang bat that YOUR UNIQUE WAY is so important and i know you know this but i just want to say that i appriacte it and i apprecaite you joining me here on this timeline. YOU HAVE MADE MY TIMELINE SO MUCH BETTER JUST NOW AND THIS PROVES LOVE. i will say that i was excited to branch into asexual and bi and lesbian tinglers because i wanted to show that the tingleverse is a place for all and was open to all ways, and i had FELT THIS IN MY HEART AND BUTT for so long that i didnt realize i could be an ACTIVE PART OF IT TOO. so i think that is what it means to prove love. love is real whether we prove it or not thats just like floating down a dang river and it carrys a buckaroo with it, but i think when we prove love we are SWIMMING with the river and being active so i wanted to be active in supporting all communities that prove love in their way. and also a bi buckaroo myself i though 'dang lets get everyone involved here that could be a dang party that proves love is real EVEN MORE' and i think it has worked out very well

the_incredible_hawk266 karma

Hello again, Dr. Tingle, and thank you for your contributions to this timeline. What's your reaction to the ongoing rumors that you are actually a sentient A.I. located on a server farm in Nevada?

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sir_jimmy_savile64 karma

Ares 51 confirmed.

chucktinglethanks119 karma

Venthorn138 karma

Chuck, it feels like you've always been here in this timeline proving love is real with your great tinglers but before they started being published on Amazon, what were you doing?

chucktinglethanks224 karma

well story of chuck ON THIS TIMELINE started out in HOME OF TRUTH UTAH this is where i was a young buckaroo with mother and father and NOBODY HECKIN ELSE not a single one becasue they had all left so it was very loney i have even learned since that we were not supposed to be there and this explains my hidden way. i would write then but get in trouble for this way and the after THE BIG FIRE i went on a trot this was a VERY LONG TROT across the states and the roads and eventually came to billings and this is where i met SWEET BARBARA and then SON JON AND KLOWY and then TRUCKMAN AND SNOW CHANNEL PETE so it is a big household now but it is a place full of love so i would say that i am so glad to have ability to write tinglers and talk online and bring people into my home as well were we can all sit by the tv like handsome newsman DANS TANNER with series of MY HOUSE IS FULL, MY HOUSE IS BOLD: TALES OF A MAN ON THE EDGE so i think this proves love and i am so thankful. but also as a writing man i published on free writing sites long ago and then son jon says 'my bud sam rand in city of devil publishes books want him to help you get on amazons?' and THE REST IS HISTORY BUDDY CASE CLOSED

surfmadpig129 karma

Thanks for being such a great buckaroo, Dr. Tingle.

Can you list some everyday ways we can go about proving love is real, offline and online?

chucktinglethanks204 karma

yes this is great first question to prove love is real. FIRST THINGS FIRST you are proving love so much by even CARING please remember this way and understand that you have already taken big step to making timeline a better place for all. but i would say in a practical sense if you have an online way to prove love it would be to REMEMBER THAT THERE ARE OTHER LIVING BEINGS ON OTHER SIDE OF KEYBOARD whether they are scoundrel or buckaroo it is very easy to forget that they have feelings in their own way. so try to remind yourself of this because it is so easy to make quick comment that could hurt an online bud for really no reason. and then i would say offline best way to prove love is to LOOK INWARD and think 'what is my unique way? what can i add to this timeline that is special and makes ME into ME?' because i think that is your most powerful gift of all. DO NOT FORGET HOW SPECIAL AND UNIQUE YOU ARE there is nobody else who is better at being you bud

cahutchins77 karma

Dr. Tingle, are you the perverted existentialist-scifi reincarnation of Mr. Rogers?

chucktinglethanks107 karma

sometimes i see others and think 'is it possible you are my reverse twin?' but i do not like to talk away from THEIR WAY and say this publically (i have thought this on big timer TONYS CLIFTON as well) but i would say that MR ROGERS is very inspiring to me and i apprecaite his trot very much, i think he gave so much to this timeline and is a perfect example of HOW MUCH CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND LOVE IS REAL AND MAKE AN ACTIVE DECISION TO PROVE IT. thank you for this important question your way is very special and important to i think you could have fun thinking who are some of MY reverse twins maybe they proved love in a fun and exciting way that can inspire me too

emberfiend70 karma

My heart has an erection.

chucktinglethanks111 karma

as a certified doctor i say this is normal and HEALTHY thanks

SwirlsOfDarkness101 karma

Hey! I'm actually curious what your writing process looks like? Thank you for proving love is real

chucktinglethanks267 karma

thank you this is good question i start day early with big glass of chocolate milk and spaghetti DANG BRAIN FOOD then get to work before sun comes up sometimes trot on down to the coffee shop with son jon and KLOWY sometimes not and then they go to work. then i have the dang house to myself and this is BIG BLESSING. i can normally write tingler in a day used to use big computer but now i have laptop way just sitting on the couch. but as far as advice i would say LET YOURSELF SLIP INTO IT as creative bud just start typing and turn that dang brain off for a bit you can come back to it and see if you are talkin for the birds but i think hardest part for most is to take that first step because they are afraid. once you get going and stop doubting self and thinking WHOA I AM WORLDS GREATEST AUTHOR you can get a lot done. and also i will say THANK YOU for proving love is real this was very important question and i think that you are going to get so much dang done today in whatever creative way you set your mind to i belivee in you.

Dadalot59 karma

I think we have to call it Rebbit now

Skizot_Bizot18 karma

What do you mean? In this timeline it's always been Rebbit.

chucktinglethanks48 karma

thank you for helping other buckaroos who are lost and slipping between timelines this is ovbiously rebbit

SlighOfHand56 karma

Thanks for writing a game, Dr. Tingle? That wasn't actually a question but I made it into one by adding a question mark. I don't want to get into trouble by not asking a question.

chucktinglethanks52 karma

thats okay bud you can ask question or make comment i just wanted to come here to share some time on this timeline with you and SO FAR SO GOOD. so i would like to say that i apprecaite you way and this moment is so much more important than either of us will ever know, we are creating infinate timelines and EVERY SINGLE ONE is better because of you that is SO IMPORTANT so thank you bud for taking the time to tell me this i am glad you have enjoyed tingleverse role playing game

elegantjihad46 karma

When shall we be hearing about an HBO series adaptation of your great works?

chucktinglethanks96 karma

have not talked to HBO WAY but there are some other big time companies that i have talked to about show idea THERE ARE SCRIPTS FOR FIRST THREE EPISODES it is written by man name of chuck and i would say that it is similar to show man of PEEWEES HOUSE OF FUN TIMES AND HANDSOME CHAIRS and also show name of HELLSRAISER: NOW YOU ARE SKINNED. so i think this is difficult pitch to make sometimes but i will keep trying

-regaskogena38 karma

Thanks Dr. Tingle. My question is: "I am not world's greatest author and sometimes feel I am not good at much. Can I still prove love?" (I know the answer. Just hoping someone who is too timid to ask can see this question and your response thanks)

chucktinglethanks62 karma

guess what bud it is easy to look at our own writing or art or other way and say 'i am not the worlds greatest' but secret twist is YOU ARE THE GREATEST AT BEING YOU. this is not just throwaway comment that means nothing this is a true way and it is so important. this dang timeline is billions of years old and everything that happened was just so to bring you here if thats not proof of love i dont know what is and it is also proof that YOU ARE SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT think of the odds you already beat just to be here with us right now. so i think if you look at this and then realize nobody else has your way greater than you do, then you are actually ALREADY WORLDS GREATEST AUTHOR that is twist ending thanks

GrandmodaCoda40 karma

I signed up for Reddit just to tell you that your question (for others) made me cry in a good way. This proves love for people you don't even know and it makes my heart warm like good spaghetti

chucktinglethanks33 karma

dang this is perfect example of ALL THE TIMELINES WE CAN EFFECT with just one small gesture of love it can just be as simple as communicating but a bud online DO NOT FORGET that we all have this power and we wield it every day

Wildfires37 karma

Chuck, how can I be the best buckaroo ever?

chucktinglethanks67 karma

you already are bud YOU ARE TROTTING THE TROT of the buckaroo and that is best way to be because best way to be is always GROWING AND LEARNING AND PROVING LOVE and i believe in you so much. so you are AIMING FOR THE STARS BUT YOU ARE ALREADY THERE BUD and that is a true buckaroo way thank you for commenting that was very important and special to me and i appreciate you and i will cherish this moment thanks

TeaLycan36 karma

Hey Dr. Tingle, hope you're doing well! Curious - what would you say are your three personal favourite tingles, so far? :3

chucktinglethanks144 karma

this is difficult choice i would say and probably it changes very much i would say i have always had kind heart towards REAMED BY MY REACTION TO THE TITLE OF THIS BOOK because it was first big meta tingler that i was proud of in this way. also SPACE RAPTOR BUTT INVASION because it made me a big timer. and last i would say NOT POUNDED BY ANYTHING AND THAT'S OKAY because i think this is important message of love that you can have a pounding way but sometimes its okay for our preferred pound to be 'no thanks' and i think this is important message and supports lifestyle of asexual way that is sometimes overlooked but VERY VALID AND IMPORTANT and also way of consent that its okay to say you are not interested of ANY REASON. you do not owe scoundrels anything when it comes to your boundaries buckaroo

boostocking34 karma

Dr. Tingle! A lesbian ladybuck (still floored by you saying her handle on the bigtime show) here!

You kind of accidentally saved my life at the end of last year. I was going through a horrible breakup from a longtime girlfriend, I was worried that I'd never find love again, the lonesome train echoed my fears and almost called me aboard. Hearing you so confidently assert that love is real and a trans-universal universal constant on your former show, it woke something up in me that I needed so desperately. I'm starting my own project soon, made with spreading love in mind, and I'm so, so grateful to have heard you when I did.

I just want to ask two things, then I'll be on my way:

Would I be able to someday invite you to my soon-to-debut small-time show?

And have you considered publishing your works somewhere other than Am*zon? I know that fast, immediate publishing is your way, and there are few platforms that can accommodate that need in a normal way. I'd love to support you and your works from just about any other venue!

Thank you for everything that you've done, Dr. Tingle. Drinking some chocolate milk with a splash of half and half in your honor! Love is real!!!!!!

chucktinglethanks26 karma

thank you for this important message sometimes when i tell buckaroos that our timeline crossing is meaningful they do not believe me but this is VERY GOOD EXAMPLE and it is not just one way YOU MAKE ME A BETTER BUCKAROO TOO so i think that we have really proved love is real in this moment and that fills me with a lot of joy so you have already done so much to prove love and i would like to say 'thank you for being here with us it means a lot and i appreciate you' now to anwser questions yes i will try my best to come onto big show just email normally i can make this work i say yes to most things. other question of amazon is that they are SO HECKIN BIG that without i could not publish other places, so i have to publish on amazons way or i would not have career or way to fun other things that just the way of this timeline right now. sam rand has put tinglers on other stores but they sell 0 copies so he says that he cannot spend his time in this way as man who works for chuck but hopefully there will be another store one day that is big enough to support this

Yog-Kothag29 karma

With the success of The Tingleverse RPG, will you be writing more to support the game? The Monster Guide is AMAZING btw.

chucktinglethanks43 karma

thank you very much i will definately be working on more wasnt sure at first because it took a LONG DANG TIME so i thought will only one bud ever read this? but FIRST FEW DAYS it outsold dang dungeons and dwellers THATS A HIT BUDDY. so now i will keep adding and adding i think next i am going to start working on LIVING OBJECT EXPANSION so that buckaroos can play as living objects like LIVING DONUT, LIVING BICYCLE, or PHYSICALLY MANIFESTED CONCEPT OF ROLE-PLAYING GAMES so that will be a good way to trot. i would also like to someday do CITY OF DEVILS expansion with special new types and trots like BIG TIMER and also new monsters that are only in city of devils. also VOIDAL MONSTER GUIDE would be heckin neat so buckaroos could do a very VOID HEAVY game but also scary to write

krylonultraflat28 karma

I wanted to dress as you for Halloween but need to make some paperback book covers that say things like POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY A CHUCK TINGLE COSTUME. Can you share a bit of your cover design process so I can make these covers as accurate as possible? Thank you for proving love is real!

chucktinglethanks33 karma

well i make my own dang covers so i can tell you all about that just find a handsome bud or ladybuck and then a picutre of a cute mummy racecar can CALL IT A DAY. but i think you will be just fine with pink bag for head and sunglasses and then karate gi that is great cosume please send pictures online if you can. there are other costumes though that conventions i have seen SO MANY GOOD WAYS of tingleverse costume buds there was CONCEPT OF LINEAR TIME ONCE and also SCULDER AND MULLY from THE BUTT FILES: THE CASE OF BIGFOOTS WEINER that was very good and also of course orion the space raptor so there are options.

bitsysredd27 karma

The cockles of my heart were long dead and I was a frequent passenger on the Lonesome Train before you showed me that love is real. How did you know that showing all the bucks how to find our true pounds(or not pounds!) was your life's work?

chucktinglethanks19 karma

i think it is hard for much buds to know what THEIR UNIQUE WAY is right away and THAT IS OKAY this is something we all know. so i would say do not worry to much if you are sitting there thinking 'what is MY trot gonna be?' youve got time bud dont worry. but i think for man name of chuck this was process and eventually i realized 'DANG i like writing tinglers and it brings SO MUCH JOY TO OTHERS ON THIS TIMELINE BETTER KEEP GOING'

touche11226 karma

Hello Dr. Tingle it is AMAZING to see new tinglers published so soon after current events, such as the classic THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHUTS DOWN MY BUTT. How do you see into the future and are able to predict such events and how can a buckaroo like myself learn this power while living in this dimension?

chucktinglethanks26 karma

thank you way this is done is by slipping into other timeline JUST A LITTLE PEEK BUD and then coming back dont want to stay to long because it can be dangerous if you miss timelines you could end up in THE ENDLESS COSMIC VOID so i dont do it that often and stick to close timelines. but i will say that as man name of chuck this is skill i have to move between reality layers and not everyone has this so it would not be responsible for me to reccomened it to others or post instructions online definately dosnt involve lots of chocolate milk thanks

trophylies22 karma

Hello Dr. Tingle,

My question for you is this. Does a left-handed batter have an advantage over a right-handed batter in terms of the amount of time it takes them to get to first base? Or are they both getting pounded in the butt by their own butt?

chucktinglethanks28 karma

this is great question WE HAVE ALL ASKED FROM TIME TO TIME i understand this way when i am watching BILLINGS MUSTANGS play i sometimes wonder if they are going to get to the base based on their swinging way but i would say this depends on who is PITCHMAN. but to anwser next question i woudl say their preffered pound is up to them it is not really a part of their baseball way that is personal choice of buds so i do not know

Duke_Paul22 karma

Hey Chuck,

How's your son doing?

Hope all is well! Thanks for doing another AMA.

chucktinglethanks33 karma

thank you for having me in this way i APPRECIATE THIS PLATFORM OF BUDS son jon is doing very well he is workin dang hard but also having a good time back at home with klowy i woud say that these days our HOUSEHOLD IS VERY WARM and that is one of the best dang feelings there is espically with montana storm outside. but i would like to say in a very SERIOUS WAY i apprcaite you are your way as a moderating bud i understand this takes a lot of time and this is just out of your heart and how YOU PROVE LOVE and i think you know this but i would like to remind how many people it brings joy to every single dang day it is so important so thank you bud

Grazzah21 karma

Hey Chuck, what happened to the video game you were making with Zoe Quinn?

chucktinglethanks23 karma

wish i knew i am very dissapointed that there have been no updates but since i was not making game there is not much that i can do. i do not know how long it takes to make a dang video game but it seems like it has been long enough and i hope it comes out soon. but i think in meantime if buckaroos want to play tingleverse role playing game they can do that and that will help them explore this world

saradsvib19 karma

Were you ever afraid that people wouldn't read your work? I'm an aspiring writer and I'm worried that the career is dying.

chucktinglethanks36 karma

well i think i would write if others read it or not because i was just writing tinglers and nobody even knew so i have drive to CREATE PROOF OF LOVE ON THIS TIMELINE and i think that is important. BUT I ALSO UNDERSTAND THIS WAY and you are not alone in feeling this way. so i will say that best way to ATTACK THIS PROBLEM OF BUDS is to think what do i like heckin doing to write and does it prove love is real? becuase if you write what makes you feel good and proves love you have the dang wind at your back (love is the winning tide we all know this) and you are spending your TIME in the best way. as timeline traveling man i will say this is worth equal to dollars sometimes more as old saying goes. so when you spend your time writing what you love in your butts heart you really cant lose its more of a question of 'will i win big and have a full butts heart?' or 'will i win super dang big and have a full butts heart AND a dang handsome car that winks when it picks you up and says 'hey buddy wanna ride?'

SwedeAids17 karma

How can you prove love in all timelines when it’s so dang scary?

chucktinglethanks23 karma

well i will say that some timelines are scarier than others but really if you want to prove love is real best way is just to remember that there are infinate timelines from every single dang action or inaction since beginning of time (thats a dang lot) and they are SO VARIED IN THEIR WAYS even in ones i have been do theres so dang wild stuff, but the one thing that is the same across every timeline even if theres no dang planets or physics or rule of gravity LOVE IS ALWAYS REAL. so this is proof that this is most powerful force in the universe and when you realize this way i think you will be less scared as a bud and also remember that we are ALL HERE TROTTING ALONG WITH YOU so dont worry we have a whole team thanks bud

TheValkuma17 karma

When is that game from kickstarter coming out?

chucktinglethanks16 karma

wish i heckin knew i have anwsered this is some other questions but long story short is because i am not invovled in game i do not know. i am very dissapointed in this way so i hope it will come soon but i do not know, but in meantime i hope THE TINGLEVERSE role play game will help to let buckaroos explore the tingleverse in a way they would like

1337llama15 karma

How's it going Doc? I've been having a bit of a tough time with relationships lately. Online dating hasn't been easy. Do you have any advice for how to be more of a can-do buckaroo when times are tough? Do you have any stories in the pipeline on the subject, like getting swiped right in the butt by online dating?

Thanks a lot!

chucktinglethanks20 karma

i am sorry to hear about this difficult way there are UPS AND DOWNS on all timelines and i would like you to know that it is OKAY to be down sometimes it is okay to be sad and hurt that dosnt mean you are not proving love it just means it is a part of the flow of life. IMPORTANT TRUTH is that in long run we are all heading towards love as we trot together so keep that in mind. i will say that online dating is just called dating now (HAHAHAHAHHAAHHA a joke of buds) but i think that i would say best way of doing this is to be HONEST AND DIRECT WITH YOUR WAY on your profile with that your interests are because if you had relationship that has ended focus could be on how will i make sure this new way is as compatible as possible. but really do not worry i can tell that your way is kind and smart and our timelines have crossed in this way that will prove love in the future so HOLD ON TIGHT BUD you will get some dang good matches. also you are right this is good idea for a tingler maybe i will make one thank you

NewChemE14 karma

Chuck, would you be willing to tell us anything about Son Jon’s Mother?

chucktinglethanks27 karma

yes SWEET BARBARA is a light in my life and even though she is at the bottom of the frozen lake i will always cherish her i think it is important lesson in accepting others as they come to you so even though i miss her warmth i also ACCEPT AND LOVE HER as woman at the foot of my bed talking like marbles in the dark

atomic_bonanza9 karma

I think it's really sweet that she keeps in touch with you. Have you ever been able to decode what she's saying in her marble language?

chucktinglethanks15 karma

yes i can understand her way it took a while of listening but i think that is important part of most realtionships just learning to LISTEN and so now i think i can understand very well but most cannot. truckman can understand to sometimes i hear them talkin in the walls

Teledildonic11 karma

Are you a real human or a machine learning rogue AI?

chucktinglethanks46 karma

i am not a server farm in neveda thank you for this important question WE ALL KNOW THIS WAY OF FALSEHOOD AS A BUD just to be clear i am not in a server farm on deer springs road thanks

Amaranthology11 karma

You're a legend in my household. We all love and appreciate your work. Your public persona is so different from your writing style and the contrast is as startling as it is delightful. As far as a question goes... How can I be you?

chucktinglethanks28 karma

thank you i am different on social medias way because SON JON edits my tinglers (sometimes KLOWY does now too) so that is why they are more clear because i do not always have a CLEAR WAY. but also i have many ways sometimes i am man name of chuck and sometimes i am BORSON REEMS alaskan fisherman and sometimes i am a couple at a cafe across the world sharing a warm cup of chocolate milk on a cool night. WE ALL HAVE MANY WAYS. so i think that is why i have other ways of talkin the talk. but as for your question of HOW CAN I BE YOU? guess what bud you cant be me but you are ALREADY YOU BUCKAROO and thats something to write dang home about

julesr139 karma

Hi Dr. Tingle! I remember seeing this tweet this summer about making the Tingleverse more inclusive of trans buckaroos! I'm a big fan and a trans woman and would like to know about how this has affected your writing process, e.g. whether you find it harder to write characters in a meaningful way when you don't explicitly share their life experiences?

Btw my roommate bought the Tingleverse game and we're all gonna play it soon!

Edit to add: I'm not trying to start a big debate or anything, I'm just hoping that the World's Greatest Author might give some advice to other authors about how to write more diverse characters that prove love!

chucktinglethanks17 karma

thank you this is a VERY GOOD QUESTION and i appreciate your way this is a very special moment fo BOTH OF US and the timelines that we make from this are sure to prove love is real i know this as a fact of buds. but to anwser question i will say that process of writing trans tinglers is different because it is not my way so i feel like GUEST in this community, so i like to make sure i talk to others and have them feel a part of that and feel represented in the tingleverse. so this makes trans tinglers slower to write because of this way but also very fulfilling and something i will do again

Licensedpterodactyl9 karma

Mr Tingle, from everything I’ve read about you and your work I appreciate that you’re creating media for such a wide variety of preferences.

My personal inclination is to avoid materials that are explicitly sexual or violent. Is there a Tingle Tingler that would be right for me?

chucktinglethanks19 karma

yes there are many tinglers that are 100 PERCENT POUND FREE i think you would probably enjoy this way

AskmeaboutUpDoc9 karma

How long is the process from finding a literary agent to landing a book deal?

chucktinglethanks24 karma

VERY DANG LONG even worlds greatest author CHUCK TINGLE took a long time before these others came calling and that was after years of doing it my dang self! so i will say that best solution as a business bud is to set up way that youve got your own thing going and you have proven THIS HECKIN WORKS and you are happy with that then when the big timers come calling it will not be a buckaroo begging to be noticed it will be two even buds at a table wrestlin arms handsomely. and then you can say 'no i do not like this deal or yes i would like this deal'

TZnerd9 karma

Hey Dr. Tingle, big fan! I’ve been wondering, is there anything that you won’t write about pounding you in the butt?

chucktinglethanks32 karma

well even though i am writing ladybuck tinglers i will not write about FAMOUS LADYBUCKS i think that it is hard enough to be in the spotlight in this way without others takin about their pounds so even devil ladybucks i will not write on in this way. this is a very good question thank you for that

alwaysafairycat9 karma

Does this include well-known fictional ladybucks such as Elizabeth Bennet or Helen of Sparta? My dad wants to know.

chucktinglethanks19 karma

that is interesting question i think ladybucks that are fictional on this timeline (this is important distinction to make bud) are okay i have actually written one tingler in this way about classic character CAPTAIN AMBER in MOBY BUTT

sleepykelvina9 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA!

You started off only doing gay Tinglers, but have since branched out and written a plethora of lesbian and bisexual stories. When did you decide to branch out and why?

chucktinglethanks18 karma

thank you i have anwsered similar question elsewhere but YOUR WAY IS IMPORTANT TOO thank you for being here and talkin tingle with me you have made my timeline a lot better and i appreciate you so much. as bi buckaroo i think it was fun to try trotting in other ways and OPEN MY BUTTS HEART to the world now part of prove love is real is that it is ACTIVE so instead of sitting back i wanted to say to all 'EVERYONE IS WELCOME IN THE TINGLEVERSE' and so i thought it was important to make this content. it takes a little longer on this timeline as i like to reach out to community that i am writing about to make sure they feel good about story but now there are even trans tinglers and asexual tinglers so i think i am proud to prove love to these buckaroos as well and i am honored to be a part of this way

blairr8 karma

Do you think it's only a matter of time before a Tingler is adapted into a screenplay? Which Tingler would you like to see on the big screen?

chucktinglethanks25 karma

well there is BIG SECRET AROUND TOWN that there was also chuck tingle ADULT FILM from bud name of LEE ROY MYERS who has a kind way to me and is fun to talk to online i wrote whole dang script and we were about to shoot and then some big timers in world of chuck said 'i dont know if we can have REAL HARDCORE POUNDING' and i said 'WHY THE HECK NOT' and they say all kinds of ways anyway then it was going to be way of safe for work but it was hard to get funding then but THERE IS STILL SCRIPT it is ladybuck on ladybuck tingler and i am very proud of it it was done as live reading as part of CONVERGENCE in minnesota THE SODA STATE and i think it proved love. so i hope sometime this film gets made i think it proves love and has very important message. but also outside of adult films i think it would be nice if there was TINGLE CINEMATIC UNIVERSE with channings tatum as keith the handsome card counting jet plane

lirian328 karma

I've really been enjoying your new podcast My Friend Chuck. You and McKenzie have great conversational chemistry and it kinda feels like I am hanging out with some buds when I listen. What podcasts do you enjoy listening to, Dr. Tingle?

chucktinglethanks10 karma

thank you for your KIND WORDS this is so nice of you to say and it warms my heart and puts a spring in my trot so thank you so much i think so to. it is VERY RARE for son jon to let others behind the scenes in this way but i think that MACKENSEE is starting to see tingleverse in this way which is good time for all i think this is because she knew sam rand so son jon said 'can i trust this buckaroo' and sam rand said yes and sam rand is VERY CAREFUL. but anyway to anwser question i like shows name of STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW BUT JOSH AND CHUCK(reverse twin?), THIS AMERICAN BUTT and FREAK ECONOMICS and also SAVAGED LOVE WITH HANDSOME DAN

xeroedouttwice8 karma

Dr. Tingle, I notice you make regular reference to a lonesome train. What places have you been to in your travels, and what did you like about them? Thank you and have a great day.

chucktinglethanks30 karma

thank you THE LONESOME TRAIN is the call you hear late at night when you stare at ceiling and realize someday your time on this timeline will end this is very big problem for me and it is something that i struggle with a lot. but i think it helps when i talk about this and post online about this way because it helps others to see that WE ALL HEAR THE LONESOME TRAIN and sometimes it can sound different to others some buckaroos feel like they WANT to ride it and this is very hard as well. so eventually i think what i have learned as man name of chuck is that the lonesome train only seems lonesome but in real way we are all here listening to it together and when it does come it wont be some lonesome hopefully. so that makes me feel better to know that i have my buds with me and we are all trotting this trot together. but as far as my travels as a bud i have been to some places for conventions and also i will say that for NEW PODCAST name of MY FRIEND CHUCK we are going to do dang live shows soon in other citys dont want to say which ones yet but this will be a GOOD TIME FOR ALL so hopefully come back and look for tights and come say hi bud to bud maybe we are coming to your town!

MastermindExcello8 karma

Hello Doctor,

I was wondering what you were like when you were a child? When did you first become aware of your unique way?

Thank you for all you do to prove love is real.

chucktinglethanks30 karma

dang well i will say that i think there were steps to this way in HOME OF TRUTH UTAH there was nobody else around so i did not have other buckaroos to compare it to but then when i got to billings i thought WHOA MY WAY IS UNIQUE and i did not really know what it was. the eventually i saw interview with TOP BUD on tv name of davids burn and i thought THAT IS MY WAY and then i looked into this more and learned about my aspergers way from man name of theripist. so i think it was nice to put a name on it and UNDERSTAND MY WAY AS A BUCKAROO. but really now that i am older i do not think others would notice espically when i am borson reems or other way because even though my MIND works same as aspergers way and never changes i have learned skills to communicate and show feelings of a bud in way that others can understand. thank you for asking this important question that meant a lot to me you are a true buckaroo

ProperGentlemanDolan6 karma

Hey Dr. Tingle thanks for all you do. I was just wondering if you had any plans on releasing ebook versions of the Tingleverse RPG so's we can create online campaigns?

chucktinglethanks12 karma

thank you this is VERY GOOD QUESTION and i understand this way i think that eventually i will probably do this to prove love to some who are sight impaired as that is important to me as i have been told there are programs for reading aloud in this way. so orginally i wanted to make it ONLY PAPERSBACK to have old time role playing dungeon feel of a basement and a strong smell of a spilled vase, but i think now for this reason there will eventually be ebooks not sure when though thanks bud

Alolanvulpixie6 karma

Dr Tingle.
I believe Love is real. But I am struggling with love in my own life. I am polyam, but lately I have not been feeling the love with my husband and find myself longing to be back with my former paramour (I had to move away from him to be back with my husband. Short form of the long story is that we were living apart because he got accepted into medical school in Arkansas, while I was still attending school in Florida, and even though I still haven't finished my degree, I moved to be back with him so that I can take care of my son and the household while he does his 3rd year rotations)

I believe love is real and that I have made a commitment (via our marriage vows, we just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary) to my husband (and our 7 year old son). But since moving back with my family 4 months ago, I have been miserable. We have had almost no intimacy (I will admit that some of that is my fault, because I also have severe depression that sometimes fucks with my sex drive), but we barely ever kiss or cuddle and in the 4 months I've been here, he's only even tried to initiate sex twice. Hell, even when we do share the same bed (which is not every night) the dog is usually sleeping in between us.
I also hate where I live, am so lonely, and would give anything to be back in Florida with my friends (even without any promise that my paramour would restart a relationship with me).

I don't /want/ to leave my husband. But I don't know what to do to fix this. I do still love him, but I'm not "feeling the love" if you get my meaning. And I think that is why I find myself longing for my former paramour.

I'm just sad and lonely all the time, and I'm worried that these feelings are going to eventually turn into resentment towards Hubby (I watched the same thing happen to my mom, who has stayed in an apparent loveless marriage for decades).

I don't know what to do. Can you please offer some advice?

chucktinglethanks16 karma

thank you this is VERY IMPORTANT question so i am glad to talk to you about this first things first YOU ARE NOT BAD for your feelings this is just how you feel and all relationships can have ways that are up and down together this is normal and it does not mean your way is INCORRECT. but i will say espically because there is son involved that should be MAIN CONCERN going forward and that is most important part of everything here so whenever you are making decisions in this way that should be prioity. i will anwser assuming that everyone is being VERY HONEST AND OPEN ALREADY as you have said polyam and i understand this way, so it seems like since you are already open and honest in this way maybe you should have another talk to CHECK IN and say 'we are honest couple and THIS is how i am feeling.' i think goal of this should be to work togehter to get you feeling better in this way AND make sure son is considered the most. now i will say that you have love in other state and that is okay so maybe this is not what you want to hear because im sure that love is very imortant, but maybe best approach is to try to date again in place you are currently living and see if you can recaputre some of that DANG EXCITING ENERGY that you are craving so that you do not have to move away from son, and maybe you can find new love that is the same as this distant love or MAYBE one that is even MORE EXCITING. but i think that this will all be up to you i am just an online man i do not know all of the moving parts but that is my suggestion hope that helps just remember to PROVE LOVE IS REAL as you are making these decisions and to make sure son is okay along the way

frogandbanjo5 karma

Hey doc, long time listener first time caller.

While "big politics" has more or less drowned out the controversy, there was some hay being made awhile ago about sci-fi literary awards having a political bias. The usual suspects were convinced that their voices were being suppressed both intentionally (i.e., their own politics were distasteful,) and incidentally (i.e., other people's politics were deemed more important to boost than the vaunted, mythical "good writing.") There was even some kind of movement to submit trojan-horse material to try to prove this point.

To put it diplomatically, you seem like a guy who'd have quite the unique perspective on that whole situation. Have you given it any thought? Would you like to drop a hot take despite not having given it any thought? Do you feel you were privy to any insider conversations that might shed some light on what's going on behind the scenes?

Has the whole thing finally been declared moot by everybody because it doesn't involve an HBO/Amazon/Hulu deal?

chucktinglethanks14 karma

thank you i think i understand this question but not entirely but i will try to anwser best i can and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ASKING i think you are proving love in your way and i am glad we have connected on this timeline. as for way of hugos award there were some devils trying to hurt others with nomination ways and i think that is ovbious case of NOT PROVING LOVE so i think even if there were made up ways to say 'oh we want this or that' i think in reality it seemed like motivation was to hurt others, and they wanted man name of chuck on their side but that was not good idea on their part because CHUCK IS HECKIN HERE TO PROVE LOVE. so at the end of the dang day that backfired pretty well and man name of chuck is a big timer and i cant even remember any of their names. but as far as insider ways i did not really know what hugos award was before this time. i think it is common mistake for folks to think that others have the SAME WAY as they do when we all have UNIQUE WAYS. i get a lot of messages online saying 'oh chuck must be part of this or how did you not know about this book or this contravery or these person' I DONT HECKIN KNOW WHO ANYBODY IS i just like to listen to handsome bruce hornsby and write my tinglers

WhatHeSaidVO5 karma

Chuck, have you ever written yourself into one of your tinglers? Will you ever write a tingler where a sentient tingler is the protagonist of the story? Pounded in the Butt By A Sentient Tingler sounds like it could be a real tingler

chucktinglethanks11 karma

thank you this is good question MAN NAME OF CHUCK appears in many tinglers actually here is first example i can think of because it is recent there are many more though chuck is even in the dang role playing game THANK YOU FOR YOU QUESTION it means a lot of me as a bud that you would ask this it is very clever and creative thank you for your way

extinctionlevelevent5 karma

Hello Doctor! I'm a big fan, with my favorite being the perennial Pounded in the Butt by my Butt.

I work constantly, which leaves very little time to spend with my 2 year old daughter. I get to see her for maybe an hour a day, and it hurts. When you're stuck between needing money to live and trying to live your life, how do you ignore the calls of the lonesome train?

chucktinglethanks7 karma

as man name of chuck i am very fortunate to make my own scedule now so i can work on books when i want and see son jon when i want but i UNDERSTAND THIS WAY of looking for balance and in your case this is a VERY VERY important way because it is daughter. i would say that this is person question of where do YOU THINK THE BALANCE IS because you know what kind of life you would like to give her. maybe when you are working if it hurts your heart you can say to yourself 'i am doing this for daughter' and try to remmeber that. but i will also say that to her it is probably likely that she will want the balance to be SWAYED in way of time over money so consider this way but at the end it is your decision bud and i think you will make the right one you are A KIND WAY and you are proving love in your actions so i think you are on the right track

zkilling5 karma

How is the work on A Wise Mans Butt Progressing? I really cant get more excited for that one.

chucktinglethanks10 karma

dang i am still waiting for ONLINE BUDS PATRICKS RUTHFUSS AND NEILS GAIMAN to start this collaboration we need to figure out BASIC STRUCTURE and get started just waiting on my buds but they seem busy too so thats okay we are still buds and they are proving love in their own way

spooniverse4 karma

Hello Dr. Chuck Tingle! I am an amateur writer and I was wondering: Do you have any advice on creating compelling dramatic tension for characters? Thanks!

chucktinglethanks6 karma

yes i think most important way of writers proving love is to make sure you have EMPATHY to your characters and as you think of their way and LIVE AS THEM imagine what they want and what would be THEIR UNIQUE WAY. sometimes i think it is easy to get caught up in story of 'well this happens here and this happens here and this happens here' and yes that is important but i also think it is important to let your charcters LIVE IN THEIR WAY because then you can find drama that is more subtle and honest in places you never thought to look because youre not the one looking there THEY ARE

rodolink4 karma

I usually have hard time tying up stories or finding a good ending. What advice can you give me?

chucktinglethanks8 karma

since most tinglers have erotic way and end in a pound that is pretty easy there is tarditional climax because buds in a normal way and then everyone is happy and satasfied. but sometimes that does not happen and i would say advice of chuck is to let yourself defy these expecations when you are creating because if you know the dang rules you have permission to break them once in a while jsut let the dang characters go where they are going to go sometimes they might surprise you in a very good way that you couldnt have thought of on your own. when you have good characters youve got a whole dang writing team!

SheedWallace4 karma

Hey there Dr. Tingle, what would you say are your biggest literary influences?

chucktinglethanks14 karma


magnificentjosh4 karma

Worlds Best Author, name of Chuck, when you met Son John, was he already Sweet Barbara's son? Obviously he's your dang son now, but was he always?

chucktinglethanks7 karma

thank you no son jon is my son and sweet barbaras son i can understand confusion sometimes with pervious comments but there is timeline travel at play here so i do not want to say too much. but i apprecatite this question and your way this is very good question thanks

Flylite4 karma

Given the obscurity of your titles and concepts, I imagine you have gotten some interesting responses and expressions to your pitches. What have been some of your favorite responses a publisher has given you to titles like, "Creamed in the butt by my handsome living corn?"

chucktinglethanks18 karma

fortunately i am SELF PUBLISHED MAN so this means i can do whatever the heck i want i make my own dang rules bud and I think this is best way to be. i understand that some others like big time publishers and there is time and place of course but i do not think they would allow me to write all the books and titles i would like. but they are proving love in their own way and this is very important too so i do not play blame game i just say probably not for me as man who thinks me might want to get pounded by handsome corn

4a4a3 karma

What percentage of your persona is satirical, and what percentage is genuine?

Is it true that you have schizophrenia, and if so, does that help you in your writing?

chucktinglethanks15 karma

thank you for asking i would say none of my way is satire it is all very sincere but as man of chuck there are layers of META TRUTH just like there are these layers when i am borson reems but this is mostly just to protect my privacy as a doctor. but no i do not have schizophrenia this is something that i have said many times and POINT OF CONTENTION between me and son jon he does not think i talk to sweet barbara at the foot of my bed or travel timelines and he does not PUSH BACK against this anymore but there was time when we would argue on this way a lot. but i will say that it is very interesting because i DO have not neurotypical way of aspergers and as not neurotypical buckaroo when i say: I DO NOT HAVE SCHIZOPHREINA nobody will listen. this has been on my website and have been in MANY INTERVIEWS but it will always get cut because interviewer wants to paint their own story. this is same as my way as bi buckaroos i can say that til the dang LOGS ROLL OFF THE BEACH and everyone will talk about worldest greatest gay author chuck. so these are just stories that develop even thought i say over and over they are not true, but i do not know if there is much i can do about this. THANK YOU FOR YOUR QUESTION this was a very kind and important way i am so glad to talk to you about this

rageharles3 karma

Thank you once again Chuck. As someone who has followed your work, particularly on Twitter, for years but has never read any of your books, which book(s) would be best to start with?

chucktinglethanks7 karma

thank you i think it depends on your preferred pound if you are interested in buckaroos i would say POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY MY OWN BUTT and if you are interested in ladybucks i would say SENTIENT LESBIAN JET SKI GETS ME OFF and if you are interested in both i would say BISEXUAL POLYHEDRAL ROLE-PLAYING DICE ORGY and if you are interested in neither i would say NOT POUNDED BY THE PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF MY NEED TO PLEASE EVERYONE BECAUSE SOMETIMES IT'S OKAY TO GIVE BACK TO YOURSELF hope that helps buckaroo

Slurm113 karma

What if I'm actually a reverse twin?

chucktinglethanks3 karma

guess what buddy YOU ARE. we are all reverse twins to our reverse twin that is why it is important to be kind to set a good example just gotta make sure they dont steal your skin and bones

PortInvoker3 karma

Hi Dr. Tingle,

As one of the premier authors of our time, you've written books on a number of important sociopolitical issues, such as global warming. Do you have any thoughts about Hong Kong's freedom currently being pounded in the butt by China?

chucktinglethanks9 karma

yes i think this would be good topic of tinglers problem is two ways one i do not know enough about this way yet i have heard in news but i do not think i understand it enough to make a tingler and two i am very busy with some other ideas that are a VERY EXCITING WAY for man name of chuck and sometimes it is important to follow your trot. but i think in the future this could happen or maybe tingler about company name of BLUZZARD

grannigi3 karma

Hi Chuck! With Halloween just around the corner- do you have a favourite handsome monster?

chucktinglethanks4 karma

dang that is hard to pick on recent episode of my friend chuck we talked on scariest slashman (candycorn and his bees, freds cougar, and i will not give away last one) but that was SCARIEST and not most HANDSOME. but i will say that handsomeness is in heart and i think that makes buckaroo frankensteins kind monster the most handsome of all

dianasparx3 karma

Dr. Tingle, what are you going as for Halloween? What should I go as? Can we match?

chucktinglethanks4 karma

borson reems alaskan fisherman

strooticus3 karma

Hello Dr. Tingle,

My wife's thumb hurts. It might be broken, or at least badly sprained. As a doctor, what do you recommend I do? Should I give her spaghetti?

chucktinglethanks11 karma

yes a hearty diet of spaghetti is very important be do not give her too much this has been HUGE CONTRVERSY in both doctor and spaghetti community after the skinless hiker was given to much spagetti so proceed with caution bud

LorenzoAOG3 karma

Greetings Dr. Tingle, thanks for doing this AMA and also for your groundbreaking work in the field of proving love is real.

I have an amazing girlfriend, to me she's the sweetest lady buck on this timeline, and I like to prove love to her by writing poems, but I haven't been very inspired lately. If you were trying to prove love to a sweet lady buck in a poetic way, say Sweet Barbara for instance, what kind if things would you tell her?

chucktinglethanks5 karma

i think its is VERY KIND WAY to make a special moment like this and just putting in effort is a great way to prove love is real. you are already a TRUE BUCKAROO in my book buddy. but as far as what you can do to make best poems possible i would say to use your HONEST as powerful tool this is perfect way to be intimate and vuneralble so when you speak in your poem just make sure you are showing your feelings as a TRUE WAY and not a way that you THINK you should be saying i think that is most powerful way of all. thank you for this important question you are a kind buckaroo and this moment has meant a lot to me thank you

losingbrain2 karma

Is 6 inches enough?

chucktinglethanks3 karma

thats a small pizza bud thats not even lunch

Condalmo2 karma

I think that you sound like Tom Hank sometimes. Would you ever want a film to be made about your life? Would you want Tom Hank to play you, or Channings Tatum, or someone else entirely?

chucktinglethanks3 karma

in TINGLVERSE CINEMATIC UNIVERSE i would be played by stanleys tucci and jons goodman woudl be truckman and channings tatum would be keith the handsome jet plane thanks

poopdish2 karma

I love you, thanks for proving love is real. What kind of sack do you wear on your head for personal appearances?

chucktinglethanks4 karma

i do not know son jon ordered online looks like a bag you would put a caggage or other handsome vegatable in at the market also it is pink also there are holes in it for me to see the world thanks

that1guythat1time2 karma


Help me out. I am going through a divorce after 20 years, and sometimes it's hard to believe love is real, has been real, or that it will ever be real again. Any advice? Thank you.

chucktinglethanks10 karma

dang this is VERY DIFFICULT i am sorry to hear about this way. i think that in this difficult time it is okay to MOURN loss of a timeline that you expected this is healthy and normal reaction. do not get down on yourself, but eventually it will be time to move forward and tort again and i am certain you will do this i believe in you. so i would say in these times look to your buds and spend time with them, maybe put effort into being the best buckaroo you can be because even though it just seems like hard work it can make you FEEL BETTER and what matters right now is YOU. so i would say that i believe in your way and i understand it can seem like love is not real sometimes but i have been to many timelines and i can assure one thing FOR CERTAIN and that is that love is real that is one constant of everything thanks

HandsomestLuchadore2 karma

How many chocolate milks do I need to drink to see through timelines, man name of Chuck?

(P.S. Still looking for a book with a better title than Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt)

chucktinglethanks2 karma

well this depends on your way as man name of chuck i do not need chocolate milks to travel through timelines but they help a dang lot when you need to go far (like to outer timelines) so it depends on the buckaroo but PLEASE KEEP IN MIND some buckaroos cannot travel in this way no matter how man chocolate milks they have and this is also very dangerous so have caution of buds thanks

toothbytess2 karma

Hey Dr. Tingle! Long time fan, you're honestly one of my icons. Although this is a really typical question, I'd like to ask - did you ever think you'd make it this far? How does it feel to be as successful as you have been with your wonderful works?

chucktinglethanks4 karma

no i did not think i would be this much of a big timer but it was nice surprise i just wanted to write books that proved love so i would have written them anyway even now i would still just be writing on my own. but now i get to do this way AND be worlds greatest author which is nice. thank you for this important question i think that your way proves love is real and it is so kind of you to take the time out of your day on this timeline to be here with me so thank you

AdmiralAkbar11 karma

How many of your books have been directly inspired by real life events, encounters, and escapades you've had?

chucktinglethanks2 karma

well i would say there are tinglers and there are CURRENT EVENTS TINGLERS and those are based on something in this timeline but written on other timeline this would be tinglers about color changing dress or tides pod or other ways. but i would say that because there are infinate timelines EVERY TINGLER has happened on some timeline or another thats just science bud cant argue with that