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Your naked plug is pretty hilarious in and of itself.

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I think one of the weirdest things I've seen was when AJ Daulerio joked around during a taped deposition about drawing the line at publishing a sex tape if the celebrity was under the age of four.

Do you get the sense that many people and institutions still shoot themselves in the foot this spectacularly on the regular? One would think with the advent of social media people would become more wary of saying completely stupid things.

Have you ever been present for one of these moments where you thought "I absolutely cannot believe I just heard that."?

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I feel like I'm always hearing about devastation to the rainforests. Is this recent stuff significantly more severe than previous devastation, or is the cumulative damage over the last century or so coming to a breaking point?

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When shall we be hearing about an HBO series adaptation of your great works?

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I'm as heathen as they come, but ragging on someone's beliefs when they weren't being pushy about them comes off as a bit classless. Someone asked, she answered. She didn't lead us in an unwarranted prayer circle.