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Dr. Tingle - I met you at ComicCon two years ago and you gave me your business card, which has an amazing positive message about how beautiful and special it is that we crossed paths in this timeline. I keep it in my wallet and look at it whenever I'm feeling blue. Thank you for being an amazing buckaroo!

How do you decide which layer of the Tingleverse to explore on a given day? Bonus question: What's your favorite school of magic and why?

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I'm pretty sure Chuck wrote the label on Dr. Broner's soap bottles now.

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I really badly want to start a hot sauce company and have some amazing recipes already developed with a small cult following. When you made the leap from kitchen to production, how much money did it take to get your first 'legal' batch and did you make it yourself in a rented kitchen space or copack? What would you estimate is the amount of 'startup' money I should save to get this party started? (Love your sauce by the way, it's easily my favorite next to my own hab sauce). Thanks!

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Don't - don't you want me?

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I'm curious about the ups and downs of various forms of sleep aids. I've taken melatonin, Tylenol pm, bendryl, valerian root, etc for a while due to anxiety induced insomnia and am curious what the drawbacks to various approaches are. Are there some that are clearly better than others?