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This was my exact thought. If you read the kickstarter pledge blurb he mentions that the BBFC was originally made to censor sex and politics, etc, that is probably true, but the BBFC went through an incredible transformation after the 80's. Now, the BBFC serves to inform consumers on the content of films and informs your consumer choice, not censor films. It's truly the best in the world and an example of classification boards done right.

I don't want to call OP's kick starter a waste of time but I do really doubt his level of education on the BBFC and what they do...

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But instead the very informed journalist answered your question in much greater detail, it's an outrage I tells ya

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They actually answered this somewhere in this thread already but no. The police found a grand total of diddly squat inside the house. 🙄

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Hey Chuck, what happened to the video game you were making with Zoe Quinn?

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Do you feel threatened by the rising tendency for bands to promote their own music on bandcamp, etc, and ask a "pay what you want" fee?