HI! Me COOKIE MONSTER. Me love cookies. And me want to meet you!

Me running dis thing where you and a friend can come to Sesame Street to eat Cookies with Oscar the Grouch. No no, me just joking! You get to eat cookies with ME! And me promise, me will share! Just go to DIS LINK to enter!

And da best part? All of money we collect will go to help the Yellow Feather Fund. Like me friend Chris say, it help us bring learning and laughter to children in need. Ya, ya, ya get to do good and eat cookies! It what we call “win win.”

Okay, me be back in 20 minutes or so to answer your questions. (Me have to take a batch of cookies out of da oven! Oh boy oh boy oh boy, me can't wait!) See you soon!

Da proof:


DAT WAS FUN! Thank you for da questions and da COOKIES!

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Two_Spaghetti_Meals13972 karma

Hey man, not sure who else to turn to at this point... I've been trying to think of things that start with "C". If you took a bite out of the moon, it would look like a "C", but that doesn't really count. Any ideas?

Me_CookieMonster14907 karma

Cookie, cookie, cookie start with C!

Dookman13291 karma

Do you like your cookies crispy or soft?

Me_CookieMonster32552 karma


IAlfredo111900 karma

How's the rent on Sesame Street?

Me_CookieMonster39122 karma

Me think you confused.... Rent played on different street, me think Broadway?

TigersFanMatt8992 karma

Mr Cookie Monster, is a Jaffa Cake actually a cake or is it secretly a cookie in disguise?

Me_CookieMonster16131 karma

This the age old cookie question. Me hear to settle it. It a cookie!

Phillipinsocal6271 karma

Pandoras box has been opened.

Me_CookieMonster16246 karma

Is that like a cookie jar?

rotch298276 karma

My son is your biggest fan in the world. His name is Nico and he's almost 2. Any words of advice for him???

Me_CookieMonster16400 karma

Me think it important to always share your cookies. Me know it hard to do sometimes, but it da kind thing to do.

Me_CookieMonster17627 karma

Oh, and HI NICO! Me love you!


What's the best way to get crumbs out of your fur?

Me_CookieMonster17610 karma

Me usually have them as snackie for later.

KillAllTheThings8138 karma

Is there a cookie you will not eat?

Me_CookieMonster17442 karma

Me draw the line at Oscar the Grouch's sardine cookies.

mfortuna457188 karma

We know cookies are your favourite food. What is your second favourite food?

Me_CookieMonster15536 karma

Can me say more cookies...?

Me_CookieMonster17553 karma

Me thought it over. Definitely "more cookies."

Rhysieroni6341 karma

I laughed so hard at this my glasses fell off

Me_CookieMonster14674 karma

Dem glasses of milk?

Virging7175 karma

How do you stay so fit after eating all of those cookies?

Me_CookieMonster12509 karma

Me do plenty of exercise and play with me friends!

pychojoe996626 karma

What do you think of internet cookies?

Me_CookieMonster11847 karma

There cookies in internet? How me get to them!? Me hope they not get deleted...

Doktor_Wunderbar6621 karma

What is the optimum number of chocolate chips per cookie?

Me_CookieMonster12884 karma

Me always say the more the merrier. Me think me need at least 3.14 chocolate chippies per nom nom. MMM pi

sleepydud6456 karma

How big is your cookie collection?

Me_CookieMonster14258 karma

Not very big. Me constantly run into problem of eating me collection!

mattengstrom6437 karma

When are you hosting Saturday Night Live?

Me_CookieMonster18229 karma

Me assume Saturday night. But me not know which Saturday!

iclewis096419 karma

Is there anything you won't eat? I mean, I've seen you eat a typewriter before...

Me_CookieMonster11968 karma

Me stay away from anything in Oscar's trashcan. Otherwise me not picky.

nojbro6226 karma

Is cookie clicker your favorite game?

Me_CookieMonster13235 karma

That one of me favorites. Me also love Cookiemon Go! Me gotta catch and EAT them all!

themikebowers5712 karma

If you could only eat one type of cookie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Me_CookieMonster10937 karma

Wow! Me didn't realize these question be so hard. If me had to choose just one cookie, me would have to pick me Mommy's classic chocolate chippie!

not_a_library3831 karma

Can we get the recipe?

Me_CookieMonster6974 karma

Me not have dat one on hand but how about dis one?

rodthedrigo5696 karma

What type of cookie is the most useful when building a giant pyramid out of only that type of cookie?

Me_CookieMonster9705 karma

Me always like to use gingerbread, they very sturdy cookie!

orangejulius5646 karma

What was it like working with Jim Henson?

Me_CookieMonster15090 karma

Me never sure what he did, but he always around to lend a hand and give me cookie!

RikaBaF275428 karma

The Four-Year-Old I nanny would like to know if your eyes are big to help you see cookies better?

Edit: A silver cookie!? Thank you! I'll make sure my little buddy gets a real life cookie later, she is very happy so many people enjoyed her question and it was a great chance to have a learning experience about how the internet connects us!

Me_CookieMonster6962 karma

That just the way me am, but it sure does help!

kingshmiley4737 karma

If you were a cookie what kind of cookie would you be?

Me_CookieMonster7631 karma

Chocolate chippie! You know what they say...you are what you eat!

AstronautCheesecake4843 karma

I love you, Cookie Monster!!!

Me_CookieMonster11551 karma

Me love you too, AstronautCheeseCake! You a snack that out of this world!

Uz3rNam3z4700 karma

HI COOKIE MONSTER. I saw you eat many foods, because monster not picky.

How do you feel about WAFFLES?

Me_CookieMonster10190 karma

Me need to introduce you to stroopwafel. It wonderful!

SpuneDagr4437 karma

My 7-year-old daughter is about to start selling cookies for Girl Scouts. Do you have any advice for her?

Me_CookieMonster10011 karma

Don't eat the product!

dcbluestar4427 karma

What's the hot gossip on Sesame Street these days?

Me_CookieMonster10101 karma

We celebrating our street's 50th birthday this year! Me can't wait to celebrate with you! Maybe even share cookie with you.

Also, Oscar still a grouch...

mugenhunt4113 karma

There's been a lot of famous people who have come to visit you and your friends on Sesame Street! Did any of those guests give you a cookie?

Me_CookieMonster9206 karma

Me friends have surprised me with lots of cookies! Sir Ian Mckellan even gave me two cookies!

newguy253602 karma

Do you like hockey and if so what is your favorite team?

Me_CookieMonster7652 karma

Me love hockey! Puck look like big cookie.

berserkirk3577 karma

Hi Cookie, besides the classic "'C' is for Cookie" which we all know and love, what would you say is your favourite song from your time on Sesame Street?

Me_CookieMonster7817 karma

Oh me trying to remember...it goes "la di da de dum...la di da de dum..." Oh what is the name of that song?

anchordown163422 karma

Which Muppet or resident of Sesame Street has the best cookie recipe?

Me_CookieMonster6493 karma

What a muppet? As far as cookie recipe me love cookies from Alan at Hooper's Store or me Mommy's recipe!

WoofWoof_693058 karma

Do you like kermit the frog?

Me_CookieMonster4970 karma

Of course! We go way back. Me hope we have playdate together soon.

SoonerPenguin5263013 karma

Do you remember what kind of cookie was the very first you ate?

Me_CookieMonster4659 karma

Me remember it like yesterday! Me mommy gave me first chocolate chippie cookie. Me ask her to make you some if you come visit me on Sesame Street.

TBoguS3012963 karma

Hi Cookie Monster! Do you like your cookies to be softer or crunchier?

Me_CookieMonster4772 karma

Yes to all of the above!

The_Iceman22882767 karma

What are your thoughts on cookies that have raisins in them instead of chocolate?

Me_CookieMonster5432 karma

Me love all cookies. Besides, raisins are nature's candy!

SuddenAborealStop2688 karma

Hi Cookie Monster,

There have always been rumors that you will be giving up your cookie habits and turning to healthier alternatives. Please don't ever do that. But I am curious how you and your friends balance your love of cookies with the importance of teaching young kids about moderation and healthy eating choices?

Keep up the great work!

Me_CookieMonster5231 karma

Me always be Cookie Monster. Me am what me am. Me love cookies, but me and me friends know cookies are a sometimes food. Me also eat fruits, veggies, and all sorts of stuff. Me monster, me not picky!

UnusualSoup2667 karma

Hello Cookie Monster, I watch every episode of Sesame Street. I have liked them so much. I have autism and other disabilities and am so happy Julia was on Sesame Street.

Do you think You will be on an episode with Julia one time soon?

I bet you could both like cookies together.


Love UnusualSoup (Madeline!) :)

Me_CookieMonster2820 karma

Me and Julia hang out on Sesame Street all the time! We even spent Thanksgiving together!

Me seeing Abby later today, will give her big hug for you!

Georgeisthecoolest2511 karma

If you came to Britain, would you eat biscuits?

Me_CookieMonster4124 karma

Me would biscuits at tea time with me friend Gonger!

Mackin-N-Cheese2484 karma

Who would you most like to sing a "C is for Cookie" duet with?

Me_CookieMonster6875 karma

Me would love to sing duet with Lady Gaga. Me and me friends are monsters after all. Me hope she see dis!

Cursed60Car2428 karma

What’s the most important part of a cookie?

Me_CookieMonster7763 karma

If it chocolate chippie, it the chippies. If it oatmeal raisin, it the raisins. But me always think the most important part of cookie is having enough to share with friends.

nard-el2295 karma

Can you tell me how to get to sesame street?

Me_CookieMonster4034 karma

Me thinks your best bet is to enter dis thing and win. Me fly you here and everything! Me even cashed in all me miles.

MajorParadox2014 karma

When I was younger, I came up with a Cookie Monster jingle.

🎵 Cookie Monster has two feet, do dah, do dah! 🎵

🎵 Every cookie has its day, do dah do dah day, hey! 🎵

What do you think?

Me_CookieMonster3454 karma

Now me have something new to sing in the shower!

kbtoalvarez1977 karma

Favorite cookie if no chocolate chip available?

Me_CookieMonster3652 karma

Me always big fan of snickerdoodle!

DoubleSuited1952 karma

What's up Cookie Monster, thanks for doing this. I own the seminal 1983 album Born to Add on vinyl (because vinyl sounds better), and personally think your song Hey Food is the best cut on the album. Question: why hasn't the Sesame Street cast put out more albums? Or, if they have (and please don't take offense), what do you feel is the reason the cast creatively peaked, musically, in the early 1980s (Sesame Street Fever is also an excellent album)?

Thanks. Longtime fan.

Me_CookieMonster2624 karma

Hey! Hey! Me still singing and think me sound great!

Curiousful1733 karma

How can we nominate you for the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor? You are the funniest, and your timing has only gotten better over the years. 🍪💙

Me_CookieMonster2475 karma

Oh you too kind! Start write-in campaign. Me start writing jokes and acceptance speech.

Alexithymia1532 karma

Do you like ice cream cookie sandwiches?

Me_CookieMonster2044 karma

Of course me do!

OfficialKohls1441 karma

If you could eat cookies with anyone from History, who would it be?

Me_CookieMonster2906 karma

Leonardo Da Crunchy!

imlookingatarhino1425 karma

would you rather share cookies with 1 horse sized duck or 20 duck sized horses?

Me_CookieMonster2789 karma

Are these rubber duckies?

Rimbosity1320 karma

Cookie Monster, will you post more on Reddit? This place is better with you.

Me_CookieMonster2325 karma

Me come back as long as me don't eat computer.

djmelvis1230 karma

Happy Lunar New Year Cookie Monster!

What's the best fortune you ever received from a fortune cookie? (Bonus Q: The worst?)

Me_CookieMonster2173 karma

"You may be hungry soon. Bake more cookies!"

Chainsmoker191215 karma

Do you like Cookie Lyon?

Cool_beansss1196 karma

Have you been back to Emily Bear's Farm since you and the gang spent "A Muppet Family Christmas" there in 1987?

Me_CookieMonster1952 karma

Me and me friends go caroling there every year. Me always forget about the icy patch!

RupertE1132 karma

Would you eat a cupcake of yourself?

Me_CookieMonster1835 karma

Hey that me! It LOOK delicious!

scarecroe1129 karma

If you could team up with any superhero, who would it be, and what would be your first task?

Me_CookieMonster2987 karma

Me part of the Aveggies! Me hope our next task would be to share cookie or shawarma.

cangeladaniel1122 karma

Would you prefer one GIANT cookie of the same flavor, or lots and lots of small cookies of different flavors?

Me_CookieMonster2120 karma

Different flavors. Variety da spice of life!

JackFrost709984 karma

What's your third favourite cookie?

Me_CookieMonster1624 karma

Me go with oatmeal raisin!

petertmcqueeny917 karma

My (almost) two-year-old daughter does not like cookies. I have given her Oreos, and chocolate chip cookies, and even home made honey cookies, and she never eats more than a nibble. What should I do??? Is there some kind of cookie monster boot camp I can take her to?

Me_CookieMonster2241 karma

Not all kids, monsters, or Snuffleupagus' like cookies and dat okay. That mean there more cookies for me!

lottiereddit911 karma

hey cookie monster! what are your favourite cookies from around the globe? do your relatives from other countries send you cookie swap packages?

Me_CookieMonster1931 karma

Me loves biscuits, tim tams, biscotti, macaron, macaroon, and me even big fan tiramisu!

Barnacle_Ed904 karma

Mr. Monster, I've been a lifelong fan. Good to have you with us here!

You've gone on the record in recent years stating that cookies are a "sometimes food". What other foods do you like to eat besides cookies, and how often is "sometimes" for your cookie eating habits?

Me_CookieMonster1485 karma

Me make sure to always eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Me want to set good example for me friends on Sesame Street like Elmo, and Abby.

Cookies are the perfect dessert after healthy meal, but not every day.

hops4beer801 karma

Who's your best friend on the street?

Me_CookieMonster1984 karma

Gonger. No Grover. No Abby. No Elmo. Oh, me have so many friends on Sesame Street me can't choose just one.

fatesarchitect775 karma

Cookie Monster, I have watched you my whole life, and now my toddler loves you. We especially love your Number of the Day song--it's the BEST.

My daughter's favorite number is eight. What's yours?

Me_CookieMonster2082 karma

Me favorite number is also eight! As in, "me ATE the cookies!"

putridterror718 karma

If you could be any color besides blue what would you be?

Me_CookieMonster1846 karma

Me love the fur me in!

Anonymous_User777712 karma

Top 5 cookies??

Me_CookieMonster1933 karma

  1. Chocolate Chippie Cookie
  2. Snickerdoodle Cookie
  3. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
  4. Peanut Buttery Cookie
  5. Shortbread Cookie

Oh boy dis list making me HUNGRY!

ediblehearts672 karma

What is the best advice you've ever received?

Me_CookieMonster1704 karma

Sharing and being kind to friends. Even Oscar.

Jantra603 karma

Hello, Cookie Monster!

What is your opinion on people who put out cookies that look like chocolate chippie but turn out to be raisin??

Me_CookieMonster1290 karma

Me consider it a happy surprise!

JoakimSpinglefarb529 karma

Best cookie dunking drink?

Me_CookieMonster888 karma

Me keep it simple - milk!

Madness_UK516 karma

Hi Cookie Monster!

If all of your friends on Sesame Street suddenly turned into cookies, who do you think would taste the best?

Me_CookieMonster1296 karma

Me hope dat never happen. Me think friends more important than cookies!

PaleMoonlight89469 karma

Chocolate chip cookies are clearly the best. But what is your favorite thing to add to a chocolate chip cookie? (Pretzel, peanut butter chips, dark chocolate chips, etc).

Me_CookieMonster1049 karma

Another chocolate chippie cookie!

swirlyglasses1413 karma

A B C D E F Cookie Monster!

Questions: What new cookies would you like to invented?

Do you ever accidentally eat your fur?

What's been your most memorable experience working with a kid?

Me_CookieMonster601 karma

Me try to keep fur and cookies separate! Me and me friend Gonger are working on baking new cookies in me foodie truck. Me report back with new recipe! Me love playdates with me friends. They always teaching me new games and making me laugh!

CTHULHU_RDT406 karma

Why are cookies better than muffins?

Me_CookieMonster982 karma

Because dey are COOKIES!

raymo1986380 karma

I just donated, thanks for providing such amazing and educational entertainment to children for so many years!

My question - what's your favorite song?

Me_CookieMonster550 karma

C is for Cookie!

herbivorousanimist333 karma

How do you keep your fur in such great condition? I've been admiring you since 1977 and can't help but wonder how you maintain it. My own hair has lost a little shine over the years, but your fur has retained its lustre. Do you attribute it to your particular shade of blue?

Me_CookieMonster543 karma

Me do lots of monster grooming. It not easy taking care of all this fur!

yawetag12294 karma

OK, Cookie Monster, tell the truth.

How cool is Dan Lewis? I've followed his newsletter for years, and always envied the fact he worked with you.

Me_CookieMonster479 karma

Me and Dan go way back! He the kinda guy you share cookie with!

slide_potentiometer197 karma

You're amazing for leaning in to your love of cookies and turning that into a social media following. Was this your plan or did you dream of a different career growing up?

Me_CookieMonster403 karma

Me still a growing monster! Me learning all the time. Me training to be a chef with me friend Gonger.

DoinItDirty153 karma

Now Cookie Monster, if I remember correctly, you had a brief stint as Vegetable Monster. Was this an instance of a public rebranding attempt or an identity crisis, as it were?

Edit: What a great day

Me_CookieMonster283 karma

Me was and will always be Cookie Monster! Me am who me am! Me a happy healthy monster who learn that cookies a sometimes food.

Bogo85151 karma

Cookie Monster! Big fan - say, how do you keep your fur looking so good all the time?

Me_CookieMonster345 karma

Plenty of brushing, and me use plenty of monster-sassoon!

Naabi130 karma

Hello mister cookie !

Could you please say hello to "Angélique the acorn" ? She's my girlfriend and she loves you at least as much as me if not more !

Thanks a lot Cookie Monster !

Me_CookieMonster207 karma

Hi-ya Angelique the acorn! Me sending you love and cookies.

someoneelsesfriend82 karma

Cookies, or cookies?

Me_CookieMonster161 karma


jakkoffcantt39 karma

If one type of cookie had to be wiped out of existence, which would it be?

Me_CookieMonster140 karma

The thought of losing a cookie hard for me to think about. Why you do dis to me?

jaceinthebox22 karma

What's your favourite cookies?

Me_CookieMonster51 karma

Chocolate chippie!

_valleyone_2 karma

How do you feel about the push to rebrand as a vegetable-eating monster?

Me_CookieMonster3 karma

Me Cookie Monster! Me always be Cookie Monster.