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This is kind of a d-bag reply to what she said.

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When somebody who is facing a short amount of time to live says they are getting through it because of their faith in God, you don't come in and say "There's no God. There's no afterlife." That's what d-bag (note: not "all") atheists do. They try to take the only comfort and joy from people just so they can be "right." It just defies all human compassion.

Someone said something similar to a friend of mine who is 24 and has stage 4 breast cancer. She's making end of life decisions and saying she trusts God has a plan for her, and some d-bag atheist starts saying "There's no God. You're just gonna die and that's it." I don't care if you really believe that or not. You don't try to take the comfort and strength from a dying person who has faith.

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How do you feel about the push to rebrand as a vegetable-eating monster?

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I don't care what his/her intent was. The fact that I had to EXPLAIN it to him/her was just astounding. It was an incredibly insensitive comment, which was my point. Thank you. Have a great day!!