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If you could team up with any superhero, who would it be, and what would be your first task?

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Hi Frank! Scott from New England here.

An old interview with Ken Plume on IGN claims that your full name was/is Richard Frank Oznowicz. The shortening of your name to Oz is pretty well-documented, but I've never seen the "Richard" part corroborated elsewhere. As an administrator for Muppet Wiki, I'd like to be able to make sure we're being factual. Is it true; is Richard your birth/legal first name?

Thanks so much for everything!

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I say we crowdfund it. It would be cheap!

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Thanks for the answer! I'll be sure to see that you're credited properly ;)


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The Henson company tried developing a sequel to The Dark Crystal for years, but ultimately ended up turning it into a comic book.

However, Netflix has a prequel series coming this year.