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What type of cookie is the most useful when building a giant pyramid out of only that type of cookie?

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Once the dispute with Croatia subsides, what percentage of the land do you expect will be developed? If it is being developed privately, is there a plan in place to preserve certain areas to sustain the environment?

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This is really on point. I'm on mobile and I'm having trouble posting a link, but check out the Handel/Halvorssen Passacaglia. It's ridiculous, and mostly written in the 1700s if my memory serves me right. Vivaldi has a ton of brutal stuff too. His Concerto Grosso in D gives every instrument a chance to shred it up.

It's worth noting that they covered this at the tempo that Dragonforce PRETENDS to play it at...if I remember right, they speed up their songs in post production, which is why they're sloppy as hell live.

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No one knows who they were...or...what they were doing...

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What's your favorite Spinal Tap song and/or lyric? My personal fave is "Plowin' through your beanfield" in "Sex Farm"...gets me every time