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Hey Jerry,

employee here. thanks for the day off. i never got to submit the 100 year idea at the all store meeting last week, so here it is: i think we should set up an REI land conservancy. partnerships with the parks are fantastic, but i think a big part of what we do should be adding to the acreage of land being preserved.

on that note, what big idea are you most excited about for keeping REI around for the next 100 years?

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would you rather share cookies with 1 horse sized duck or 20 duck sized horses?

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they are now

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If youth is the target, maybe focus smaller store openings in college towns with easy access to outdoors, like Virginia tech being on the Appalachian trail or Colorado springs right next to pikes peak

edit- i get it, Colorado Springs. you've already got your REI. how about Boone, or State College, Morgantown.

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well Mary Barra's GM has been all about getting the pre-2008 corporate mentality out of the company, fixing the problems they left open, and making great cars. So it makes sense that they're seeking out people that have souls.

source: detroiter.