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Hello, Cookie Monster!

What is your opinion on people who put out cookies that look like chocolate chippie but turn out to be raisin??

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Hello! Thank you for doing this, and all of the luck in defeating this cancer! I admit to being a bit of an older viewer but this show made me grin. I have to ask - how long did it take to get into makeup for Robbie Rotten? Can you walk us through a bit of the process?

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That was incredible to watch as someone who loves theater makeup. Thank you so much! (Also incredibly impressed you could sit through that every day!)

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Do yourself a favor. Decide for yourself who gets these items. Get an officially done will (it's very cheap) and write out who gets what. If you don't want your family to get the items, then see if a local charity, museum, anything might want such pieces. Have it be auctioned off and the money given to charity. Hell, have your home be done in an estate sale and the money given to charity.

But make it your choice. Good luck out there.

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No one has to be. There might be something more unconventional you could do with it. Have a hobby? Donate the money to the local branch of that hobby or a convention for it. Love your dog? Auction and donate to the local shelter. It's your money even after you're gone - do what would make you happy in life to see done with it.