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Mr. Monster, I've been a lifelong fan. Good to have you with us here!

You've gone on the record in recent years stating that cookies are a "sometimes food". What other foods do you like to eat besides cookies, and how often is "sometimes" for your cookie eating habits?

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So first off, I just wanted to say a big "thank you" for making awesome music and videos. Leviathan and Blood Mountain have been permanent fixtures in my car for years, and continue to utterly rock my socks off.

Now my question, however, is for Brann and is about the Crack the Skye album. I apologize in advance if this gets pretty heavy but I've heard that in addition to the time-traveling and Russian Revolution, the album is partly a tribute to your deceased sister. In light of that, how difficult of an album was it to work on for you? Was it painful to re-tread those old memories? Cathartic to be writing music about them? Or perhaps something else entirely?