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When I was younger, I came up with a Cookie Monster jingle.

🎵 Cookie Monster has two feet, do dah, do dah! 🎵

🎵 Every cookie has its day, do dah do dah day, hey! 🎵

What do you think?

MajorParadox401 karma

Yay, glad to help, Cookie Monster!

MajorParadox22 karma

Do you think Barabara and Dick belong together?

Side note: You should check out /r/DCFU, where a group of us writers write our own universe of DC Comics stories. It'd be awesome to see what you think!

Side side note:

You might know me from comics such as Batgirl, Secret Six, Wonder Woman, and Deadpool, and creator-owned series like Clean Room and Crosswind.

Did you mean for that to sound like Troy McClure? :)

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Hi Grant!

  • What's your favorite thing about Patton?
  • Out of all the comics you've written, are there any that stand out above the rest?
  • Are there any story ideas you've wanted to write, but never had a chance yet?

Hi Patton!

  • What's your favorite thing about Grant?
  • Every time I catch you show up in a movie or TV, I'm always excited because you're so funny. Not really a question, I guess, but how do you do it?
  • I still watch King of Queens reruns all the time, do you have any funny stories from behind the scenes?