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What's up Cookie Monster, thanks for doing this. I own the seminal 1983 album Born to Add on vinyl (because vinyl sounds better), and personally think your song Hey Food is the best cut on the album. Question: why hasn't the Sesame Street cast put out more albums? Or, if they have (and please don't take offense), what do you feel is the reason the cast creatively peaked, musically, in the early 1980s (Sesame Street Fever is also an excellent album)?

Thanks. Longtime fan.

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Obligatory "you're hilarious," which you are. I drive by the Walla Walla La Quinta Inn whenever I drive home to Idaho and get a good chuckle.

Question: How are you and Marc Maron getting along these days? Love your appearances on WTF!, and really enjoyed the recent podcast with Todd Barry.

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Nothing to ask, just wanted to say Terriers was insanely good, as were you in it. Just a really, REALLY good show. Also, catchiest theme song I can think of (it's now my ringtone).

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Dem boys from Oklahoma, though....


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Mostly just stopping in because you guys are awesome. Your show at Bumbershoot in 1997 with Built to Spill and Sonic Youth was one of the best afternoons of music I can imagine.

When do we get a Portland show?
Favorite Portland restaurant?
As pissed as I am that Chopsticks is closing?